Are Grandfather Clocks Valuable?

Are Grandfather Clocks Valuable? - Premier Clocks

Grandfather clocks make a great heirloom and they are something that can be passed from one generation to the next one. But while grandfather clocks have an emotional value for a family, are they of any value for selling? 

There is no doubt that a grandfather clock has a unique look and functionality, and these two things play a key role in determining whether it is valuable or not. Depending on the grandfather clock’s features and the condition, the cost can vary from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

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The Factors that Influence the Value of a Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks can have a high investment value as long as they are maintained and restored carefully. Grandfather clocks increase greatly in value over time. Sometimes the high quality, working antique and vintage grandfather clocks are worth more than the brand-new ones. The rarest grandfather clocks, for example from the Golden Age, can be worth as much as $100,000. Below, Premier Clocks has prepared a little guide on factors that can influence the cost of a grandfather clock.

The Factors that Influence the Value of a Grandfather Clock - Premier Clocks


The Condition of a Grandfather Clock

The functioning of a grandfather clock is one of the crucial factors. A grandfather clock that keeps the time count properly is going to be worth more than if it lost such ability. However, even if a grandfather clock works, the overall condition of the movement and the look are also important for the value. A well-maintained grandfather clock will be worth more. In addition, the visual condition of a grandfather clock will influence the worth. Whether the finish is faded or not, the visibility of numbers on the dial, the scratches on the surface or on brass details should be kept in mind when the value of a grandfather clock is established.


The Age of a Grandfather Clock

The history of grandfather clocks began a long time ago, and the older a grandfather clock is, the more it will cost. For example, antique grandfather clocks are very rare and expensive while vintage grandfather clocks are more common and cost less than antique. There is no strict rule about what counts as an antique grandfather clock and what is a vintage grandfather clock. The approximate line for vintage grandfather clocks goes around from 50 to 100 years old. If a grandfather clock is older than 100 years then it counts as an antique. The grandfather clocks that are less than 50 years old and from mass production are normally not worth much.


The Maker of a Grandfather Clock

The quality of craftsmanship and materials will help to determine the value of a grandfather clock as they influence how long the clock can last and if it can be passed from generation to generation. In addition, the recognition of a grandfather clock’s brand can be associated with the guarantee of quality or with the rarity. Many clockmakers are no longer in business which might help to increase the value of grandfather clocks of their production. For example, antique grandfather clocks from the Black Forest, Swiss and French clock craftsmen are highly sought items by collectors and can be sold between $10,000 and $75,000.


The Aesthetics of a Grandfather Clock 

The grandfather clock’s aesthetics depend on two factors. The first one is the overall condition of the facade and details. The second factor is the style of a grandfather clock. Some grandfather clocks are full of details while others have rather simple designs. The type of wood that is used to craft a grandfather clock is going to impact the value. For example, grandfather clocks made of Oak tend to have higher values over time since it is a long-lasting material. In addition, the carved details, unique decorations and valuable materials for the dial will influence the value. 


The Movement of a Grandfather Clock

Needless to mention that the movement of a grandfather clock is the most important part. High quality movements are more likely to last longer and of course will cost more as well. The type of the movement will also influence the price. The pendulum should be moving in a very consistent motion to make the gears and plates functioning without any harsh movements or errors and keeping the accurate time. 


Even with all available information and guidebooks, it can be difficult and time consuming to evaluate a grandfather clock. It is always a good idea to get a professional opinion in a few different places.


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Jim Crooke
Jim Crooke

November 14, 2022

I have a Grandfather clock, is not listed on any websites. It is a Ridgeway with no name model. Only identification is: Dial-R4,
.Model 145, Movement-HG, HB/MP, Finish-VOA4,Serial-71481. Made 1980 in Ridgeway VA 24148. It does have a rather large storage compartment in the bottom. Only part missing is lock and key. Can’t find anything that would give me the value for insurance purposes. Keeps excellent time and solid chimes. Any info would be appreciated.

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