Are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Good Quality?

Are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Good Quality? - Premier Clocks

If you own a grandfather clock or are thinking of getting one, you may wonder, are the grandfather clocks made by Howard Miller good quality. For sure, there is a high variety of different grandfather clock brands on the market but Howard Miller grandfather clocks are probably the most famous ones not only in the USA but also worldwide. We have written about theHistory of the Howard Miller Company before and now Premier Clocks has decided to look closely at why grandfather clocks by Howard Miller are so popular.


Why are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Popular?

To be honest, the answer is quite simple. Howard Miller Company has become the standard of excellent quality and the clocks are designed with precision and elegance. When the company was founded, Howard Miller insisted on “incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality and a quest for perfection” which helped to establish the name and made the brand to be associated with the high quality. 

Nowadays, Howard Miller grandfather clocks are still made with the highest quality of craftsmanship, use real solid wood for the cases and genuine metal for dial, weights and pendulum. The movement that is used in the grandfather clock is high-precision and German-made that will last for generations. The attractive variety of grandfather clocks to choose from has over 70 models made in traditional, contemporary and transitional styles and can fit different budgets. 


Why Do Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Have Good Quality?

The good quality of Howard Miller grandfather clocks is because of the way they are being produced which is much the same way as they always have been. The company strives for consistent quality. The factory is still located in the original place – Zeeland, Michigan and it has an incredibly organized system that reminds of an automotive manufacturing operation.

The wood used is still carefully checked for quality, and although technology plays an important part, theclocks are still essentially hand made, with every step of the production process checked.

The most important component of any grandfather clock is the movement which is keeping the time. In the ongoing effort to bring the best in handcrafted grandfather clocks, Howard Miller acquired high-end Kieninger mechanisms that are still hand made in Germany. Kieninger movements are considered by many experts as the finest clock mechanisms in the world.


What Are the Finest Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks?

Howard Miller Company has created special Limited Edition Collection and Presidential Collection that both feature high-end grandfather clocks.

Howard Miller Limited Collection

The grandfather clocks from theLimited Edition are either limited in time the clocks will be produced or only a certain number of the clocks will be handcrafted and specially inscribed with "Limited Edition”.

Currently, the Howard Miller Limited Edition includes two grandfather clocks:

Both of the clocks are crafted on gorgeous sixteen species of hardwoods and veneers. These wooden grandfather clocks have detailed designs, extra features and chiming rods that are only available on Limited Edition models. The only difference between these models is that the Howard Miller J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 has a nine-tubular chime movement that features 36 bushings (24 bronze and 12 jeweled).

Howard Miller Presidential Collection

Only the premium materials are used for theHoward Miller Presidential Collection. There are 4 grandfather clocks in this collection and all of them made in its unique style with elaborate carvings on the columns, pediments, weights and pendulum. The German Kieninger movements in these clocks have thicker plates and more bushings and jewels.

Are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Good Quality?

So, yes, Howard Miller grandfather clocks not only have good quality, but, moreover, some of them are made with high-end quality that does not have analog on the market. The brand keeps leading with its traditional properties, unique designs, and stunning appearances, as well as functionalities. In addition, the Howard Miller Company creates clocks that are more than just time-keeping objects but great statement art pieces.

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