How to Check the Authenticity of a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

How to Check the Authenticity of a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock - Premier Clocks

 The Howard Miller grandfather clocks have a fine quality and when you are investing in one, you want to make sure that it’s authentic. There are different places where you can find your perfect Howard Miller grandfather clock, such as off-market stores, auctions, estate or garage sales, some online stores etc. 

TheHoward Miller Company has been crafting clocks in Zeeland, Michigan since 1929 which means that many changes have been made to the clocks production throughout the company’s history. In addition, the expansion of the company and the collection lines make a confirmation of authenticity even more difficult. 

Premier Clocks has prepared an easy guide that will help you with authenticating any Howard Miller clock. Check out a full selection of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks.


The Signs of Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Authenticity

  • Product Information Label
  • Grandfather Clock Movement
  • The Age of a Grandfather Clock
  • Grandfather Clock’s Dial
  • The Place of Purchase

How Do I Find a Howard Miller Product Information Label?

According to Howard Miller, every grandfather clock should feature a foil label affixed containing the information about the product. The label includes a model number and a serial number. You can find it on the outside of the shipping carton or on the back of the door, on the back or top of the Grandfather Clock, inside the top back corner or inside the grandfather clock above the back of the dial.


What is the Authentic Movement of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks?

While the cases are crafted in Zeeland, the movements are made by theKieninger Company in Germany. Some labels may have “Made in Germany” while theolder grandfather clocks have “Kieninger” engraved onto a plate in the interior. Learn more about Grandfather Clock Movements


How Do I Determine the Age of a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock?

When it comes to authenticating a Howard Miller grandfather clock, knowing theyear of production also helps but at the same time, it might be quite tricky. The easiest way to tell the age is with the Howard Miller Clock Company registered serial number. You can simply contact the Howard Miller customer support line for the information. Otherwise, you can try to do a little research on Google or ask a clock specialist (but normally, they will charge some fee for that service).


What a Dial Can Tell about the Authenticity of a Grandfather Clock?

The dial or face of grandfather clocks can tell you a lot about the maker, the model, the history or the date of production of a grandfather clock. Most of Howard Miller grandfather clocks will have the signature script of the brand’s name on the dial. On everyclock for the past eight decades, there is a distinguishing mark on the dial. Look for “Howard Miller” with the manufacturer logo styled "H over M" in the center. If there isn’t a signature script, it might be a sign that a grandfather clock wasn’t crafted at the Howard Miller factory.


Where to Buy an Authentic Howard Miller Grandfather Clock?

If you are looking for a new grandfather clock, we would definitely recommend purchasing from the Authorized Howard Miller Dealers (Premier Clocks is one of them). This way you will be sure that you get an original grandfather clock of the best quality and in addition with the manufacturer warranty. Many retailers offer some other benefits. For example, Premier Clocks, to save you from hassle, have free white glove delivery, free grandfather clock setup, free engraved brass heirloom nameplate and free heirloom record certificate with brass-finished capsule. 

When it comes to buying a second-hand grandfather clock, you need to pay attention to the product information label and do a little bit of double-checking with the Howard Miller Company. Though many dealers also have a selection ofvintage Howard Miller clockswithin their store to choose from and can guarantee the authenticity.

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