Incorporating a Large Mantel Clock into Modern Decor

Large Mantel Clock

Looking to add a unique touch to your modern home? A large mantel clock might be just what you need. These clocks not only tell time but also add style and charm to any room. Let's explore easy ways to include a large mantel clock in your modern decor, making your space look even better.

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What Is a Large Mantel Clock?

A large mantel clock is a decorative timepiece designed to sit on a mantel, shelf, or similar flat surface, typically found in living rooms or other common areas.


Characteristics of Large Mantel Clocks



● Typically larger than standard mantel clocks, making it a prominent decorative element.

● Heights can vary, but they are usually between 12 to 24 inches tall.




● Often ornate, featuring intricate details such as carvings, inlays, and embellishments.

● Styles can range from antique and traditional to modern and minimalist.




● Common materials include wood (such as mahogany, oak, or cherry), metal (brass, bronze), marble, and glass.

● The choice of materials often reflects the clock's overall design and era.


Clock Face:


● Usually features Roman or Arabic numerals.

● The face might be adorned with decorative elements like filigree or enamel.



● Can be mechanical (key-wound) or battery-operated (quartz).

● Some large mantel clocks include additional features like chimes or striking mechanisms that sound at regular intervals. 


How to Incorporate a Large Mantel Clock into Modern Decor

When it comes to interior design, the juxtaposition of old and new can create a striking aesthetic. A large mantel clock, with its timeless elegance and classic charm, can be a stunning addition to modern decor.


Step 1. Identify the Style

Understand the Clock’s Design:

Antique/Vintage. Look for intricate details, ornate carvings, and traditional materials like wood or brass. These clocks often have a classic, timeless appeal.

Modern/Contemporary. These clocks usually feature clean lines, minimalist designs, and materials like metal or glass. They are designed to blend seamlessly with modern decor.

Evaluate the Condition:

Restored vs. Original. Decide if you prefer a clock that has been restored to its original condition or one that shows its age and history.
Functional vs. Decorative. Determine if the clock will be a working timepiece or primarily a decorative element.


Step 2. Choosing the Right Spot

Focal Point Placement:

Prominent Position. Place the clock on a mantel, shelf, or console table where it can serve as a focal point.

Height and Visibility. Ensure the clock is at eye level for maximum visual impact.

Balancing the Space:

Symmetry and Balance. Arrange other decor items around the clock to create a balanced composition. Use vases, framed photos, or modern art pieces to complement the clock.
Uncluttered Surroundings. Keep the surrounding area clean and uncluttered to allow the clock to stand out.


Step 3. Mixing Styles

Blend Old and New:

Complementary Colors. Choose colors that harmonize with both the clock and the modern decor. For example, pair a dark wood clock with light-colored walls or furniture.

Material Harmony. Combine materials thoughtfully. A wooden mantel clock can look stunning with metal or glass elements in the room.

Creating Contrast:

Dramatic Contrast. Use contrasting elements to make the clock pop. A sleek, minimalist clock can be striking against a textured or patterned wall.
Layering Styles. Mix different styles to create a layered, eclectic look. Pair a traditional clock with contemporary furniture and abstract art.


Step 4. Incorporating Technology

Modern Functionality:

Smart Clocks. Consider upgrading to a modern clock mechanism that integrates with smart home systems for added convenience.

Battery vs. Mechanical. Decide if you prefer a battery-operated clock for ease of use or a mechanical one for its traditional charm.

Enhanced Features:

Lighting and Sound. Look for clocks with built-in lighting or chime features to add a sensory dimension to your decor.
Connectivity. Explore options for clocks that can sync with other devices, such as your smartphone or home automation system.


Step 5. Lighting Considerations

Highlighting the Clock:

Accent Lighting. Use spotlights, track lighting, or LED strips to highlight the clock. This creates a focal point and enhances the clock’s features.

Natural Light. Position the clock where it can benefit from natural light, but avoid direct sunlight which can cause fading or damage.

Creating Ambiance:

Soft Glow. Use soft, warm lighting to create a cozy ambiance. This works well with antique or vintage clocks.
Bright and Modern. For a contemporary clock, brighter, cooler lighting can emphasize its sleek design.


The Top 6 Large Mantel Clocks by Howard Miller

Howard Miller is known for creating beautiful mantel clocks that combine classic design with craftsmanship. These clocks are not just for telling time—they add style and charm to any room. Let's take a look at the top three large mantel clocks by Howard Miller, each with its own unique features and timeless appeal.


Wooden Mantel Clock

The Howard Miller Bradley Mantel Clock 630260 is a limited edition piece, with only 2,000 made. This wood mantel clock features a polished Windsor Cherry finish and uses fifteen types of hardwood and veneers. It will complete the look of any room, fireplace mantel, or sofa table.

● Cherry Case: Features bookmatched Russian Walnut Burl and Movingue borders.
● Inlays: Includes Padauk, Silver Gum, Wenge, Magnolia, Beech, Avodire, Anegre, Pearwood, English Sycamore, and Kingwood.
● Dial: Polished brass center with satin black Arabic numerals on a silver ring.
● Limited Edition: Numbered and inscribed "Limited Edition."
● Precision: Key-wound movement with a hinged back door for easy access and key storage.
● Safe Winding: Dual-ratchet winding arbor.
● Chime Options: Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington chimes at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 hour intervals, with a full chime and strike on the hour.
● Glass Panels: Curved, beveled glass panels show the brass movement.
● Heirloom Plate: Includes a free engraved plate.
● Made in the USA: Designed and assembled in the United States.


    Modern Table Clock

    The Howard Miller Park Avenue Mantel Clock 630270 is a limited edition key-wound clock. It features a hand-rubbed, highly polished Gloss Black piano finish with polished chrome-plated brass accents and feet. The reflective shine of the chrome case comes from extensive polishing.

    ● Dial: See-through acrylic with polished stainless steel chrome hour markers and hands with black insets, and a polished chrome bezel.
    ● Glass: Beveled glass on the sides, back, and top allows light to brighten the polished chrome movement.
    ● Doors: Hinged front and back doors provide access to the movement and interior.
    ● Precision: High-precision, key-wound movement made in Germany with a seven-day run time.
    ● Safe Winding: Dual-ratchet winding arbor.
    ● Chime Options: Plays Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington chimes at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 hour intervals, with a full chime and strike on the hour.
    ● Features: Swiss-style escapement, 8-rod gong, and durable bronze bushings.
    ● Chime Control: Chime silence and automatic nighttime chime shut-off between 10:00 pm and 7:15 am.
    ● Heirloom Plate: Free nickel nameplate engraved with your name and special date.
    ● Crafted in Germany and the USA: Designed and assembled with care.


      With Quartz Triple Chime Movement

      The Howard Miller Sophie Mantel Clock 635152 is a beautifully crafted timepiece that combines intricate decorative details with practical functionality, making it a perfect addition to any home decor.

      ● Finish: Americana Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers.
      ● Design: Features carved leaf and rosette overlays with a burl front panel.
      ● Dial: Lambswool dial with black Arabic numerals and serpentine hands.
      ● Protection: Convex glass crystal ensures clarity and durability.
      ● Power Source: Battery-operated movement (requires two C-sized batteries, not included).
      ● Chime Options: Harmonic triple-chime includes:
      ⚬ Westminster chime on the hour with additional strikes at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 hour intervals.
      ⚬ Ave Maria chime as a melodic alternative.
      ⚬ Bim Bam chime on the hour only.
      ● Control: Volume control for chimes.
      ● Nighttime Option: Automatic nighttime chime shut-off.


        With Applied Arabic Numerals

        The Howard Miller Hollis Mantel Clock 635256 is a beautiful addition to your home decor, showcasing quality craftsmanship and enduring style. Whether it graces your mantelpiece, bookshelf, or desk, this mantel clock is sure to become a cherished part of your living space.

        ● Size: Impressive 15-inch diameter with an aged silver outer ring.
        ● Readability: Large applied Arabic numerals enhance readability and add vintage charm.
        ● Finish: Taupe brown finish center disk and base complement the aged silver top plate.
        ● Color Harmony: Harmonious blend of warm and cool tones fits well with various interior styles.
        ● Aged Silver Ring: Adorns the clock face with applied Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6, and 9.
        ● Markers and Hands: Charcoal-finished bar markers and aged silver hour and minute hands for enhanced aesthetics and easy timekeeping.
        ● Reliable: Battery-operated quartz movement powered by a single AA battery (not included).
        ● Low Maintenance: Ensures accurate timekeeping with minimal adjustments, hassle-free enjoyment.


          Light Oak Finish

          The Howard Miller Burton Mantel Clock 635106 is finished in Golden Oak on select hardwoods and veneers. This tambour mantel clock features decorative top molding and triangular burl overlays.

          ● Dial: Off-white dial with black Roman numerals, black serpentine hands, and a convex glass crystal.
          ● Bezel: Polished brass-tone bezel adds an elegant touch.
          ● Chime Options: Battery-operated triple-chime Harmonic movement offers:
          ⚬ Full Westminster or Ave Maria chimes with strikes on the hour and 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 chimes.
          ⚬ Westminster chime and strike on the hour only.
          ⚬ Bim Bam chime on the hour only.
          ● Control: Volume control for chimes.
          ● Nighttime Option: Automatic nighttime chime shut-off.


            With Soft Ticking Noise

            The Howard Miller Merrick Mantel Clock 635189 features a warm gray finished case on select hardwoods and veneers, perfectly complementing your home decor. This clock’s quartz movement makes a soft ticking noise without chimes, providing a quieter environment.

            ● Construction: Built to last with a sturdy frame, ideal for busy households.
            ● Placement: Perfect above your fireplace in the living room, office, or bedroom as a classic decorative accent.
            ● Design: Easy-to-read with white traditional Roman numerals, a white minute track, antique white spade-style hands, and a flat glass crystal over the aged black dial.
            ● Power: Powered by quartz, battery-operated movement.

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