A Pendulum Grandfather Clock for Your Home Decor

Pendulum Grandfather Clock

The pendulum clock was invented by Christiaan Huygens in 1656, significantly improving timekeeping accuracy. The design evolved in the late 17th century. English clockmaker William Clement is credited with creating the longcase clock, also known as the grandfather clock, around 1680. These clocks became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, often as a symbol of status and craftsmanship.

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What Is a Pendulum Grandfather Clock?

A pendulum grandfather clock is a type of longcase clock with a swinging pendulum to regulate its timekeeping. The pendulum in most grandfather clocks has a metal rod with a metal weight that is often called the bob and is located on the end.


Key Features of Pendulum Grandfather Clocks

Despite their unique designs, pendulum grandfather clocks share some common features.

Long Case

Typically stands between 6 and 8 feet tall. The case is often made from high-quality wood and can be intricately carved and decorated.


The pendulum is the main time-regulating component, swinging back and forth in a consistent motion. Pendulum clocks can be larger or small, but they can keep fairly accurate time.

Grandfather clocks are available with various pendulum lengths. A typical grandfather clock has a pendulum with a length of about a meter, with a period of about two seconds.

The clock built by Thomas Tompion in 1675 for the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, had an extraordinarily long pendulum of about four meters. The period of that pendulum was about four seconds.

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These clocks are powered by weights that slowly descend. Weights must be periodically wound up, typically once a week. Often made of metal, encased in decorative shells.


Many grandfather clocks include chime mechanisms that ring at set intervals, often playing melodies like the Westminster chimes.

Clock Face

The face usually features either Roman or Arabic numerals and may include additional features such as seconds hands, moon phase indicators, and other features.


Best Pendulum Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller

Here are some of the best pendulum grandfather clocks by Howard Miller, each known for their quality, craftsmanship, and unique features.


Best Price

The Howard Miller Princeton Grandfather Clock 611138 has a classic, antique look with its slightly distressed Hampton Cherry finish, swan neck top, and decorative details.

☑️ A polished brass dial is complete with intricate designs, and a blue moon phase.

☑️ The visible pendulum and weights are save behind glass panels.

☑️ The clock runs on a battery-operated quartz movement and offers three chime options: Westminster, Ave Maria, and Bim Bam.

☑️ The special features of this grandfather clock include a hinged door for easy access, adjustable feet for stability, volume control, and an automatic nighttime chime shut-off.

☑️ This clock is designed and assembled in the USA.


    Best Seller

    The Howard Miller Neilson Grandfather Clock 611102 has a Rustic Cherry finish with intentional dents and wormholes, and a unique bonnet pediment with a carved shell.

    ☑️ A brushed nickel-finished dial with easy-to-read Arabic numerals and an illuminated display.

    ☑️ The clock's mechanical movement, crafted in Germany, and plays the Westminster chime with different chime options.

    ☑️ To function properly, the movement needs weekly winding.

    ☑️ Extra features include removable side panels for easy maintenance and automatic nighttime chime shut-off.

    ☑️ Proudly designed and assembled in the USA.


      Best Value

      The Howard Miller Stewart Grandfather Clock 610948 is crafted with premium quality and thoughtful design, marking Howard Miller's 75th Anniversary. It features a Windsor Cherry finish on select hardwoods and veneers, with an elegant swan neck pediment, crotch-figured mahogany accents, and crystal-cut oval glass on the door.

      ☑️ The clock face has elaborate corner spandrels and a blue moon phase.

      ☑️ The pendulum with a polished brass bob and weights are illuminated.

      ☑️ Made with a German-made cable-driven movement that needs weekly winding, it offers melodic chimes including Westminster, Ave Maria, and Ode to Joy, with automatic nighttime shut-off.

      ☑️ Proudly designed and assembled in the USA, it also offers the option of a custom brass Heirloom nameplate with engraved name and date.


        Best Features

        The Howard Miller The J. H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 is a part of a Limited Edition by Chris Bergelin. Crafted from sixteen hardwoods and veneers, it features a swan neck pediment, intricate details, and a unique tubular chime movement.

        ☑️ The clock's dial showcases brass Roman numerals and a special moon phase.

        ☑️ Its polished brass lyre pendulum and weights add charm, while columns and marquetry accents enhance its appeal.

        ☑️ Powered by a German-made movement, it offers a nine-tubular chime with Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington melodies, with automatic nighttime shut-off.

        ☑️ Proudly designed and assembled in the USA.


          Best Design

          The Howard Miller Coolidge Grandfather Clock 611132 from the Ambassador Collection is a beautifully designed wooden clock. It features a Hampton Cherry finish with a distressed look, a split swan neck pediment with olive ash burl, and a carved finial.

          ☑️ The brushed nickel dial has easy-to-read Arabic numerals and a moon phase.

          ☑️ The clock has a brushed nickel pendulum and weights, beveled glass panels, and large reeded columns with carved caps.

          ☑️ It uses a German-made, cable-driven movement that needs winding once a week and plays three chimes (Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington).

          ☑️ It also has an automatic nighttime chime shut-off, an illuminated dial, and an option for a custom brass Heirloom nameplate.

          ☑️ Designed and assembled in the USA.

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