What Are Grandfather Clocks Made Of

What Are Grandfather Clocks Made Of - Premier Clocks

The incomparable beauty and enduring value of grandfather clocks make them a desirable piece and the recent home design trends increased even more the interest and demand which have been growing steadily over the decades. One of the reasons why grandfather clocks don’t go out of style is the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used to make these precious timepieces.

What Are The Cases of Grandfather Clocks Made Of

The earliest cases of grandfather clocks were made from oak and were architectural in appearance. The grandfather clocks of higher quality would be finished with ebony or pearwood. However, the antique grandfather clocks were also crafted with solid parts, like bronze, which made them more valuable back then and currently these grandfather clocks are more sought after.

Nowadays,the cases of grandfather clocks in traditional style are made of wood and usually elaborately carved but the modern grandfather clocks can be crafted from different materials, such as metal, glass etc. For example, the Howard Miller Clock Company that has been producing grandfather clocks for over 80 years uses American hardwoods to construct the cases of grandfather clocks. The company uses computer-controlled machines that are cutting the wood and ensures that the cases are identical to each other. At the same time, real lacquer finishes are hand-applied to each case instead of using urethanes. The benefit of lacquer finishes is that they are warmer than urethane which make them look much better on a finished grandfather clock. 

Often to produce grandfather clocks, precious woods are used. The perfect example isHoward Miller The J.H. Miller Grandfather Clock 611030. This grandfather clock features sixteen different species of hardwoods and veneers. These are Cherry, Crotch Figured Mahogany, Russian Walnut Burl, Movingue, Maple, Ebony, Padauk, Silver Gum, Black Cherry, Magnolia, Beech, Avodire, Anegre, Pearwood, English Sycamore, and Boxwood. Some of these species are very rare.

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