What Is the Best Grandfather Clock to Buy?

What Is the Best Grandfather Clock to Buy?

Grandfather clocks, with their timeless appeal and sturdy presence, have long been cherished as quintessential pieces of home decor. But with so many options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. From traditional designs to more modern interpretations, each clock offers its own unique features and charm. So, if you're in the market for a grandfather clock and wondering which one to choose, you're in the right place.

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What Is a Grandfather Clock?

A grandfather clock is a tall, freestanding floor clock typically characterized by its imposing size, ornate design, and pendulum swinging inside a glass-fronted case.


Understand Your Preferences

Before diving into brands and models, take a moment to consider your personal preferences. This will help you find a clock that fits your style and your home perfectly.



Grandfather clocks come in various styles, each offering something unique:

• Traditional: These clocks have classic designs with detailed carvings and rich wood finishes. They often have features like moon phase dials and ornate pendulums. Traditional clocks are ideal if you like a timeless, antique look for formal living rooms, vintage or classic interiors.

• Contemporary: If you prefer a modern look, contemporary clocks are the way to go. They have clean lines, simple shapes, and use materials like metal or sleek black finishes. These clocks look stylish and up-to-date without the fancy details of traditional clocks. They are the best for modern homes, minimalist or urban decor.

• Transitional: This style combines elements of both traditional and contemporary designs. Transitional clocks have a mix of classic wood finishes with simpler lines, making them versatile and suitable for different types of decor. You can place them in a home that blend classic and modern styles.



    Grandfather clocks come in different sizes, so make sure to measure your space:

    • Full-Size: These are the tallest, usually are called grandfather clock and measure between 80 to 93 inches. They are best for large rooms with high ceilings. For example, big entryways, living rooms, or hallways with tall ceilings.

    • Mid-Size: These clocks are a bit shorter, around 72 to 80 inches, and you can find them by the name grandmother clocks. They are best for dining rooms, studies, or apartments with lower ceilings.

    • Small/Compact: These are less than 72 inches tall and are good for smaller spaces where a big clock might not fit. Sometimes, they are called granddaughter clocks. Small living areas, bedrooms, or cozy nooks are the best places to put them.



      The sound a clock makes can add character to your home. Here are some common chime options you can choose from.

      • Westminster: The most popular chime, known for its melody used in Big Ben. It plays every 15 minutes, with a longer chime on the hour. It's a traditional and familiar melody; works well in classic settings.

      • St. Michael: A different melody that sounds a bit more church-like. It’s less common but offers a unique sound. This melody is elegant and peaceful; great for calm, classic spaces.

      • Whittington: Has a richer, more varied melody. This is a good choice if you want something different from the usual Westminster chime. This melody is complex and melodic; good for sophisticated tastes.

      • Silent/Night Mode: Many clocks have an option to turn off the chimes at night or control the volume, which is useful for keeping the house quiet when you need it. It's best for bedrooms or areas where quiet is needed during certain times.



        Choose a finish that matches your home decor:

        • Cherry: A rich, reddish-brown wood. Cherry finishes are for classic, luxurious interiors with a warm look.

        • Oak: Lighter in color with a distinct grain. Oak finishes are for casual, rustic, or transitional decor with a natural feel.

        • Walnut: Darker with a smooth texture. Walnut finishes are perfect formal settings or modern spaces that need a touch of elegance. Walnut finishes give a sophisticated and timeless look.

        • Black/Satin: Modern and simple, often used in contemporary clocks for a clean look. Contemporary homes, urban lofts, or places with a minimalist style is where they fit the best.

          Choosing the right style, size, chime, and finish will help you find a grandfather clock that not only tells time but also adds to the beauty of your home.


          Top Brands to Consider

          When choosing a grandfather clock, going with a well-known brand ensures you get a high-quality, stylish, and durable timepiece.


          Howard Miller

          Howard Milleris a famous name in grandfather clocks, known for their excellent craftsmanship and a variety of designs. They offer both traditional and modern styles, making it easy to find a clock that fits your taste. Their clocks are made with durable materials and precise movements, ensuring they last for years.

          ✅ Quality: Known for high-quality construction and attention to detail.
          ✅ Styles: Offers both traditional and modern designs.
          ✅ Durability: Built to last, making them a great investment.


            Hentschel is perfect if you want a clock that can be passed down through generations. They are known for their high-end craftsmanship and use of top-quality materials. Each clock is a piece of art, with detailed woodwork and precise movements.

            ✅ Longevity: Designed to last for generations.
            ✅ Craftsmanship: Known for detailed, high-quality work.
            ✅ Design: Classic and elegant designs.


              Ridgeway offers a good mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Their clocks are not only beautiful but also functional. Ridgeway clocks are versatile, fitting well in various home styles.

              ✅ Styles: Combines traditional and contemporary designs.
              ✅ Functionality: Focuses on practical features as well as looks.
              ✅ Versatility: Suitable for different types of home interiors.


                Hermle is known for German precision and classic designs. They make clocks with detailed mechanical workings that are both functional and visually appealing. Hermle clocks are great if you appreciate precise engineering and timeless designs.

                ✅ Precision: German engineering ensures accuracy.
                ✅ Craftsmanship: Superior quality with intricate movements.
                ✅ Design: Classic and elegant styles.


                  Bulova offers a mix of classic and modern designs, making their clocks suitable for different tastes. Known for reliable performance, Bulova clocks are often more affordable, providing great value for money. They combine tradition with modern features, ensuring you get a clock that looks good and works well.

                  ✅ Affordability: More affordable while still providing reliable performance.
                  ✅ Designs: Mix of classic and contemporary styles.
                  ✅ Value: Great value for those looking for quality at a lower price.

                    Each of these brands has something special to offer. Think about what features and styles are most important to you. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of Howard Miller, the heirloom quality of Hentschel, the versatile designs of Ridgeway, the precision of Hermle, or the value of Bulova, you’ll find a grandfather clock that fits your needs and enhances your home.


                    What to Look for When Buying a Grandfather Clock?

                    When shopping for a grandfather clock, keep an eye out for these important features to make sure you pick the right one for your home.


                    Mechanical vs. Quartz Movement

                    Mechanical Clocks: These clocks need to be wound up, usually once a week. They have a classic feel and often show off detailed internal parts. Mechanical clocks are more traditional and can be a bit pricier.

                    ⚬ Pros: Traditional look, detailed craftsmanship.
                    ⚬ Cons: Needs regular winding, more maintenance.

                      Quartz Clocks: These clocks run on batteries and need very little upkeep. They are reliable, accurate, and easier to take care of. Quartz clocks are generally less expensive and don't require winding.

                      ⚬ Pros: Low maintenance, reliable, accurate.
                      ⚬ Cons: Less traditional, simpler design.

                        Chiming Options

                        Many grandfather clocks come with different chiming melodies like Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittingtond. Having multiple chime options lets you pick the sound you like best.

                        🎶 Westminster: The most common chime, known from Big Ben.
                        🎶 St. Michael: A more musical and church-like chime.
                        🎶 Whittington: A rich and varied melody.


                          Moon Phase Dials

                          A moon phase dial is a small, decorative part of the clock’s face that shows the current phase of the moon. It adds a nice look to the clock and also shows the lunar cycle.

                          🌔 Looks Good: Adds a classic and elegant touch.
                          🌔 Useful: Shows the phases of the moon.

                            Automatic Night Shut-off

                            This feature stops the clock from chiming during the night, usually from 10 PM to 7 AM. It keeps the clock quiet when you want to sleep.

                            🔇 Peaceful Nights: Ensures the clock is quiet at night.
                            🔇 Easy to Use: Automatically turns off the chimes, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

                              Adjustable Levelers

                              Grandfather clocks need to be perfectly upright to work right. Adjustable levelers at the base of the clock help you keep it steady on uneven floors.

                              ⚬ Stability: Keeps the clock steady on uneven surfaces.
                              ⚬ Accuracy: Makes sure the clock works correctly by staying upright.
                              ⚬ Easy Setup: Helps you set up the clock correctly without extra tools.


                                Price Ranges

                                Grandfather clocks come in a wide range of prices:

                                💰 Entry-Level: $500 - $1,500. Typically quartz movement with simpler designs.

                                💰 Mid-Range: $1,500 - $4,000. Usually mechanical with more intricate designs and features.

                                💰 High-End: $4,000 - $15,000+. Premium craftsmanship with heirloom quality and sophisticated movements.


                                Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

                                Best Traditional Grandfather Clock

                                The Howard Miller Neilson Grandfather Clock 611102 features a Rustic Cherry finish, detailed bonnet pediment, brushed nickel-finished dial, black Arabic numerals, illuminated dial, and moon dial. Glass doors reveal the inner workings, including the brushed nickel pendulum and weights. It's a unique piece among traditional grandfather clocks. The beveled glass, reeded columns, and a decorative base complete the traditional design. The precise, cable-driven mechanical movement, made in Germany, needs weekly winding and plays Westminster chimes with a nighttime shut-off option. Designed and assembled in the USA, it ensures quality and authenticity.

                                Best Modern Grandfather Clock

                                The Howard Miller Avalon Modern Grandfather Clock 611220 is one of the best of quartz floor clocks by Howard Miller. Made in the USA, it features a modern design with a contemporary clock face and beveled glass front. The gloss white dial has black hour markers, and the clock is battery-operated with a quartz movement. It plays three different chimes with volume control and an automatic nighttime shut-off option. Extra features include an illuminated case interior, floor levelers for stability, and a removable back panel for easy battery changes.

                                Best Budget Grandfather Clock

                                The Howard Miller Nicea Grandfather Clock 611176 is a timeless piece crafted in Saratoga Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. Its traditional style includes a bonnet pediment with carved shell, elegant columns, and crystal-cut V-grooved glass door. The polished brass-finished dial features ornate spandrels, a silver chapter ring, and a stationary blue moon phase. The clock has brass-finished pendulum and weight shells, visible through the glass door. Its chain-driven Westminster chime German Kieninger movement adds to its appeal, with a chime silence lever for convenience. Designed and assembled in the USA, it includes removable glass topside panels for easy access to the movement.

                                Best Heirloom Grandfather Clock

                                The Howard Miller The J. H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 is a Limited Edition heirloom piece by Chris Bergelin. Crafted from sixteen hardwoods and veneers, including rare Cherry and Russian Walnut Burl, it features intricate designs and an exclusive tubular chime movement. With a classic swan neck pediment, ornate dial, polished brass-finished pendulum and weights, and beveled glass panels, it's a stunning addition. The nine-tubular chime movement offers a choice of Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington chimes with automatic nighttime shut-off. Designed and assembled in the USA, this grandfather clock is a timeless heirloom.

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