What is the Best Grandfather Clock by Howard Miller?

What is the Best Grandfather Clock by Howard Miller?

Howard Miller is probably one of the most famous and prestigious clock manufacturers in the USA, producing grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks etc. Grandfather clock by Howard Miller might be the well known of the brands. Being produced since the 1960s, they have become the standard of excellent quality and a collectible heirloom. Whether you are looking to buy your first grandfather clock or an edition to your clock collection, a Howard Miller grandfather clock is always the best choice out there

Just as over 80 years ago, grandfather clocks are still manufactured at the Howard Miller factory that is located in  Zeeland, Michigan. The production of Howard Miller grandfather clocks is a state of art that combines the best automated technologies and essentially hand-made craftsmanship. Throughout the whole production process, grandfather clocks are being very carefully checked to ensure the highest quality. 

The Howard Miller company manufactures around 70 grandfather clocks that will suit any taste and budget. You can choose from traditional, contemporary and transitional designs. But if you are looking for an exclusive timepiece, you might want to check out Limited Edition Grandfather Clocks, Anniversary Collection or Presidential Collection.


Best Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

It's impossible to pick one best Howard Miller grandfather clock. So, we have chosen a few grandfather clocks that are best in one way or another. Find a full selection of Grandfather Clocks here and let us know if you are agree with our list.


  1. Best Value For Money. Howard Miller Hamlin Grandfather Clock 611025 has a great combination of functionality, style and quality. 
  2. Cheapest Among All. Howard Miller Princeton Grandfather Clock 611138 has fewer decorative details but is crafted with excellent quality.
  3. Most Stately Look. With the height of 94.5" (240 cm), Howard Miller J.H. Miller Grandfather Clock 611030 will become a focal point and take all attention in any room.
  4. Simple And Beautiful. For the fans of minimalism, Howard Miller Roderick IV Grandfather Clock 611288 is the perfect choice. 
  5. Best Overall. Howard Miller Benjamin Grandfather Clock 610983 is for those who are looking for an all-in-one grandfather clock.
  6. Most Exclusive. Howard Miller J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 with a nine-tubular chime movement stands from the rest.
  7. Most Aesthetically Appealing. Howard Miller Neilson Grandfather Clock 611102 has the most elegant style and design.


With the proper maintenance and upkeep, these grandfather clocks will last for generations and become your family heirloom.


Find a full selection of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks here.


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