Can a Grandfather Clock be a Family Heirloom?

Grandfather Clock as a Family Heirloom - Premier Clocks

A grandfather clock is a valuable timepiece that can be passed from generation to generation. Does it make a family heirloom? First, we need to understand what a family heirloom is.

What Does the Family Heirloom Represent?

The family heirloom is an inheritance of the valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. Heirlooms are intended to have more special sentimental value rather than monetary. Handed down for generations, it links you to the past and connects you to the several generations of your family. Theheirloom is irreplaceable because it carries the history and memories of the family. 

How to Start Your Family Heirloom

If you do not have a family heirloom yet, you can start the tradition and create a lasting heirloom in your home. You need to understand that the family heirloom is going to be an inseparable part of aninheritance of real property. The heirloom should provide a sense of connection between generations in a family. Better to choose something that is going to last, preserved and appreciated for several generations. 

Grandfather Clock as a Family Heirloom

Grandfather clock can be a good choice of something with special value that is handed down from one generation to another creating a family heirloom. Familiar rhythm of the pendulum and chime will create a special atmosphere at home while heirloom quality will make sure that it lasts for generations. Often, grandfather clocks are connected to significant events of family life.

Grandfather clocks have the heirloom nameplate engraved with a date and name as well as an Heirloom Record Document for documenting the heirloom’s history of the generations.

Grandfather Clock Engraved Heirloom Nameplate and Heirloom Record Certificate - Premier Clocks


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Sharee Crossfield
Sharee Crossfield

June 24, 2022

I’ve always thought that grandfather clocks were both impressive and beautiful. I love the idea of having one for a family heirloom.

If you acquire a valuable clock like this as an heirloom, you shouldn’t forget to maintain it. You should either learn to properly care for and service it yourself or find a good clock repair and maintenance business to do it for you.

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