What Is the Best Howard Miller Coffee Table Clock?

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Unlocking both practicality and aesthetics, clock tables stand as versatile pieces of furniture, seamlessly blending timekeeping with functional design. From the timeless charm of Howard Miller's Elon Clock Table to the classic elegance of the Ravenna Clock Table, explore the diverse functionality that these pieces bring to home decor in this blog post.

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What Is a Coffee Clock Table?

A coffee clock table is designed with a built-in clock. These tables usually have a clock face incorporated into the table's surface or structure, combining the functionality of a clock with the practicality of a table. Sometimes, coffee clock tables are also called cocktail clock tables.


Key Features of Coffee Table Clocks

A table with a built-in clock is a unique and multifunctional piece of furniture that blends the traditional utility of a table with the timekeeping functionality of a clock.

Key Features of Coffee Table Clocks - Premier Clocks


Design Integration.The clock face can be integrated into the table's surface, the sides, or even the table legs, depending on the specific design.


Clock Mechanism.The built-in clocks can vary in terms of their mechanisms. Some may use traditional analog clock hands, while others might employ digital displays.


Materials and Styles. Common materials include wood, metal, glass, or a combination of these. The style can range from classic and antique designs to more modern and contemporary looks.


Functionality. Some clock tables include features such as alarms, adjustable brightness for the clock display, or even temperature displays. The level of functionality depends on the specific design and the intended use.


Practicality. The primary advantage of these tables is their dual functionality. They serve as practical surfaces for placing items like drinks, books, or decorative items while also acting as a timekeeping device.


Decorative Element. Clock tables often serve as decorative focal points in a room. The combination of the table's design and the integrated clock can add a unique and eye-catching element to the overall decor.

When considering a table with a built-in clock, it's important to choose a design that complements the existing decor of the room and meets both your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.


Coffee or Cocktail Clock Tables Collection by Howard Miller

The Howard Miller Clock Company is a well-known manufacturer of clocks and home furnishings, particularly renowned for its high-quality and stylish clock designs. Coffee or cocktail clock tables collection is relatively new addition to the product line.

Classic Charm in Contemporary Furniture

Howard Miller Elon Clock Table 615157 - Premier Clocks

The Howard Miller Elon Clock Table 615157 is a stunning fusion of style and functionality that can serve as a coffee table, cocktail table or sofa table. Its Wrought Iron construction, Aged Silver finished gears, and charcoal gray legs offer durability and charm. The elegant design features a blackened steel numeral ring, while the transparent tempered glass top showcases intricate movements. Powered by a reliable quartz movement, this clock table adds sophistication to any space.

Functional Elegance

Howard Miller Ravenna Clock Table 615010 - Premier Clocks

The Howard Miller Ravenna Clock Table 615010 combines functional elegance with a classic aesthetic. The metal frame, finished in Burnished Umber with gold highlights, provides sturdiness. The unique decorative metal work surrounds an antique clock dial, visible under a glass top. This handsome clocktail table features antique black hands and an antique medallion accented withgold highlights in the center of the dial. The battery-operated movement ensures accurate timekeeping with one AA-sized battery.

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