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What Are the Dimensions of a Grandfather Clock? - Premier Clocks

Grandfather clocks had the best timekeeping technology with increased accuracy in the world until the beginning of 20th century. Often, grandfather clocks were considered as time standard in private use and for businesses.

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What Are the Dimensions of a Grandfather Clock?

The dimensions of a grandfather clock in traditional design are commonly 72 to 95 inch (180 - 240 cm) tall; the width is between 17 and 32 inch (43 - 81 cm); and the depth can vary from 10 to 21 (25 - 53 cm).

The dimensions of a grandfather clock - Premier Clocks

The dimensions depend on the grandfather clock style. Here, Premier Clocks presents the dimensions based on a traditional grandfather clock style.


The Dimensions of a Grandfather Clock Top Part

The top of a grandfather clock is called a hood or a bonnet and it includes the crown(the upper part) and the face(the front part). 

The Hood Dimensions

The dimensions of a grandfather clock top part (the hood) range from 15 to 21 inch (38 - 53 cm).

Grandfather clock hood dimensions - Premier Clocks

The Crown and the Face Dimensions

The clock face takes around 2/3 of the grandfather clock top part, and the rest is the clock crown. The clock face has winding holes, Arabic or Roman numerals, volume control, etc.

The Moon Dial Dimensions

Some of the grandfather clocks have a moon dial which is located above the clock dial. The average size of a grandfather clock moon dial is between 4 and 7 inch (10 - 18 cm).


The Dimensions of a Grandfather Clock Middle Part

The middle of a grandfather clock is called the waist section or the trunk. The middle part has the grandfather’s clock mechanism. The clock pendulum and the clock weights are located in this part which makes it the biggest part of a grandfather clock. Most of grandfather clocks have three weights, but some can have two weights. Additionally, there is a door with the key lock to protect the mechanism parts.

What Is the Length of a Grandfather Clock Pendulum?

The pendulum is the part that has influenced the form of a grandfather clock. A longcase clock was required to fit the clock movements. A typical grandfather clock pendulum is about 3.2 feet tall (around 1 meter).

The time for one complete cycle of a pendulum is called the period. A traditional grandfather clock has a period of about two seconds.

Grandfather clock pendulum and weights dimensions - Premier Clocks

The Weights Dimensions

One form of early pendulum clock was wall-mounted and currently known as a grandfather wall clock. But this type of a clock was difficult to secure because of its heavy lead weights.

It is believed that the longcase clocks were developed to support the heavier clock mechanisms. Each weight part has its own weight which defines where it should be placed and the speed it is dropping.

The weight shells dimensions range from 1 to 3 inch (2.5 - 7.5 cm) in diameter and about 9 to 10 inch (23 - 26 cm) long.


The Dimensions of a Grandfather Clock Bottom Part

The grandfather clock bottom is called the base section.

The Dimensions of the Base

When it comes to the dimensions of the grandfather clock base, there is a really big variety from 5 to 16 inches (13 - 41 cm).

Grandfather clock base dimensions - Premier Clocks


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