The Common Styles Of Grandfather Clocks - How to Choose a Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Common Styles at Premier Clocks

When looking for a grandfather clock, you need to decide which clock style will fit the best to your home interior design. The most common rooms to place a grandfather clock are an entryway, a living room, a home office, a dining room, and a kitchen. Less popular areas to put your grandfather clock are a bedroom and a bathroom. You can choose between three common styles of a grandfather clock: Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary / Modern.

Traditional Grandfather Clock Style

Traditional Grandfather Clock will accent your home with a classic feel. A grandfather clock in traditional style is inspired by an antique design. This type of grandfather clock is often crafted with selected hardwoods and veneers in various finishes from the light ones (for example, Golden Oak Finish) to the dark ones (like Cherry Bordeaux). The look of a grandfather clock focuses on decorative detailed touches, like elaborate carvings and rich detailing. Traditional grandfather clocks normally have a bonnet or split pediment as well as finials. Another distinctive feature of a traditional style is a moon dial.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks in traditional style at Premier Clocks

Contemporary orModern Grandfather Clock Style

Contemporary orModern Grandfather Clock is often called a Floor Clock. The design of a grandfather clock in contemporary style differs from the traditional by using not only wooden materials but also metal and glass. The clocks have a smooth look with neutral elements and neat lines. The simplicity of details is common for floor clocks as well as various types of a clock top. It is rare for a modern grandfather clock to have a moon dial.

 Howard Miller Contemporary Grandfather Clocks and Modern Grandfather Clock Style at Premier Clocks

Transitional Grandfather Clock

Transitional Grandfather Clock is a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. A grandfather clock in transitional design has a streamline frame compared to the traditional grandfather clocks but at the same time, they are not as sleek as the contemporary ones. Transitional grandfather clocks are often made from wood with plain lines and sophisticated details. Another distinct feature of transitional style is a flat-top crown.

Transitional Grandfather Clock Style by Howard Miller at Premier Clocks


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