What is the difference between Grandfather Clocks and Floor Clocks?

What is the difference between Grandfather Clocks and Floor Clocks?

If you just started to look for one of those really tall standalone clocks with a pendulum, strikes and chimes, but came across different terms and are not sure which one you should choose -  Premier Clocks prepared a few answers that will help you to understand the differences between those terms.

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Grandfather Clocks or Floor Clocks?

Most often you will see tall standalone clocks are called Grandfather Clocks or Floor Clocks. Is there any difference between them?The short answer is no. The longer answer is Floor Clocks is a more modern term for Grandfather Clocks. 

A few decades ago, some manufacturers initiated the use of a new term “floor clocks” as a synonym for a grandfather clock to get the attention of new generation buyers. The idea behind was that “floor clock” will sound more modern and will be more attractive for younger people. However, the term “grandfather clock” keeps being more popular among manufacturers to describe tall standalone clocks with a pendulum. 

With the change of the term, the change of the look also came. Modern floor clock designs looked quite different from the traditional look of grandfather clocks.Besides the look, there is no distinct difference between floor clocks and grandfather clocks. Both floor clocks and grandfather clocks are clocks that stand from the floor and use a pendulum mechanism, are well-made and can be passed down from generation to generation. 

What about longcase clocks and tallcase clocks?

In addition to floor clocks and grandfather clocks, you might see synonym terms, such as longcase clocks and tallcase clocks. Another term that is used to describe these clocks is “grandmother clocks” for the clocks that are smaller and less tall.

Grandfather clocks and floor clocks at Premier Clocks

At Premier Clocks, to make it easier for our customers, there are two sections: Grandfather Clocks and Floor Clocks. Under Grandfather Clocks, you will find tall standalone clocks in traditional style resembling the classic and iconic clock style. While in the Floor Clocks section, more artistic clocks in modern and transitional designs are presented. 

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