Hourglass Grandfather Clock

Hourglass Grandfather Clock

If you are looking for a unique grandfather clock, you might want to check out hourglass grandfather clocks. These clocks feature not only the traditional triple chime movement, classic Roman numerals, but also unique industrial style and sand timer of approximately one hour.

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The History of an Hourglass

The hourglass, an ancient timekeeping device with origins tracing back to Egypt around 1500 BCE, underwent significant development during the Middle Ages. Early designs were simple glass bulbs with sand, evolving into the iconic double-bulb shape connected by a narrow waist. By the 8th century in Europe, hourglasses were in use, finding vital roles during the Age of Exploration. Aboard ships, they regulated sailors' shifts and measured navigation tasks, contributing to maritime success.

As the hourglass gained popularity, it became standardized in design by the 18th century. Its symbolic significance flourished, representing the transient nature of time. Commonly depicted in art and literature, the hourglass embodied memento mori themes.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, more precise timekeeping devices emerged, and hourglasses faced decline. Yet, they persisted in specific applications and as symbols of time management. Today, the hourglass endures as both a nostalgic relic of ancient timekeeping and a timeless symbol reminding us of the inexorable passage of time.


What Is an Hourglass Grandfather Clock?

An hourglass grandfather clock is a unique or stylized grandfather clock with an hourglass motif or design. It has the same features as a traditional grandfather clock and additional ones related to hourglass.


Features of Hourglass Grandfather Clocks

Tall Case: Grandfather clocks are characterized by their tall wooden cases, often reaching up to 7 or 8 feet in height. The case typically consists of a hood at the top, a long waist, and a base.

Chimes: Many grandfather clocks are equipped with chime mechanisms that produce melodious sounds. Common chime options include Westminster, Ave Maria, and Bim Bam melodies. The chimes are often accompanied by strikes on the hour and sometimes on the quarter-hour.

Dial with Roman Numerals: The clock face, or dial, typically features Roman numerals to indicate the hours. The hands, often intricately designed, move across the dial to show the time.

Quality Craftsmanship: High-quality craftsmanship is a hallmark of grandfather clocks. They are often considered both functional timepieces and pieces of furniture, showcasing the skill and artistry of the clockmaker.


What Is the Best Hourglass Floor Clock by Howard Miller?

The Howard Miller Clock Company is world's leading clock company. The company is a well-known American manufacturer of clocks and furniture, particularly renowned for its production of high-quality grandfather clocks.


Hourglass Metal Grandfather Clock

The Howard Miller Hourglass Floor Clock 615074 is a gorgeous metal grandfather clock with a sand-filled hourglass housed within the case that can time for approximately one hour. The steampunk-inspired design is a visual delight, featuring a 24.5" hourglass that can be rotated and positioned by hand.


The large dial boasts embossed gears in an aged sandstone finish, accompanied by Aged Iron hands and covered with a convex glass crystal. A cogwheel accent adds a realistic finishing touch to this captivating piece.


Crafted with precision, the metal frame has an elegant Aged Iron finish, while the wooden base exudes charm with its weathered and distressed appearance, imparting a timeless, aged look. The combination of premium materials ensures durability and aesthetic appeal of this howard miller hourglass floor clock.

Quartz Movement

Embracing modern convenience, this floor clock operates on battery power, eliminating the need for winding. It requires two C-sized batteries for seamless functionality, making it a hassle-free addition to your home.

Triple Chime Harmonic Movement

Elevate your auditory experience with the triple chime harmonic movement, offering a choice of full Westminster or Ave Maria chimes with strikes on the quarter, half, and three-quarter hours. Alternatively, opt for the Westminster chime and strike on the hour only, or indulge in the rhythmic Bim Bam chime on the hour. For added convenience, a volume control allows you to tailor the chime's sound to your preference.


With a Convex Glass Crystal Dial

The Howard Miller Hourglass II Floor Clock 615100 is a striking contemporary timepiece that effortlessly commands attention with a convex glass crystal that covers the dial. At the core of this clock's design is a sand-filled hourglass within the case, offering an adjustable one-hour timer. The 28" hourglass in the middle of the case is a focal point, allowing for manual rotation and positioning.

Hour and Minute Hands

The large white dial enhances readability with bold black Roman numerals, a minute track, black hands, and a separate sweep seconds track with Arabic numerals.

Hassle-Free Movement

Powered by a quartz movement, this grandfather clock features not only the main timekeeping but also a separate movement for the sweep seconds track. For optimal functionality, it requires two AA-sized batteries (not included), ensuring a hassle-free and accurate timekeeping experience.

Additional Features

Designed to adapt to any setting, four adjustable floor levelers provide stability on uneven and carpeted surfaces, ensuring this sturdy clock stands securely in your chosen space.


Steampunk Inspired Timepiece

The Howard Miller Hourglass III Floor Clock 615116 introduces a sand timer hourglass within the case. This hourglass can be rotated and positioned by hand, allowing for a customizable and dynamic visual element. The fusion of ancient design with contemporary elements makes it a captivating addition to any room.

Clock Design

Crafted with precision, the Black Iron finished metal frame complements the wood shelf in the base, finished in a subtle smoke grey. The wood shelf provides a stylish display space for your cherished items, adding both functionality and aesthetic charm.


The pierced metal dial boasts Arabic numerals and faux gears, finished in aged pewter, creating a captivating visual contrast. A convex glass crystal covers the dial that is backlit with a small incandescent light bulb diffused through a translucent lens. A touch dimmer pad on the upper right-hand side frame offers four levels of adjustment: low, medium, high, and off.

Battery-Operated Movement

This floor clock operates on a time-only quartz movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping. It requires just one AA-sized battery (not included), providing convenience without sacrificing precision.


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