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Howard Miller Special Grandfather Clock Collections - Premier Clocks

TheHoward Miller Clock Company is a well known company for creatingpremium clocks of high quality standards to be treasured for generations and to bring their customers great satisfaction with each purchase. Their headquarters is located in Zeeland, Michigan, but some of the parts for their clocks are manufactured in Germany. They offer a big variety of clocks for all occasions and any pocket. 

There arefour Howard Miller Special Clock Collections that have unique features and are made with the highest quality and craftsmanship to become antiques over time and be highly collectible.Howard Miller Presidential, Ambassador, Limited and Anniversary Clock Collections have a dedicated assembly line with on average more than 3 times the manpower than the rest of the clocks.


Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clock Collection

TheHoward Miller Presidential Grandfather Clock Collection is made with premium materials, careful craftsmanship, and has detailed designs. As the name of the collection suggests, the grandfather clocks in this series are named in honor of the presidents. The clock cases are generally larger than the rest of the grandfather clocks, and sometimes include multiple woods. The unique hinged side upper panel doors give the easy access to the movement while exquisite wood inlays, special carvings and intricate design patterns make Howard Miller Presidential Series Clocks like no other clocks built today. 

Howard Miller Presidential Series Clocks all have cable-driven 8-day finest German Kieninger Clock mechanical movements with triple chime. The Kieninger movements in these clocks have thicker plates and more bushings and jewels. Each Presidential Grandfather Clock is made in its unique style with elaborate carvings on the columns, pediments,  weights and pendulum. The hand-rubbed lacquer finishes, each dial with an individual one-of-a-kind edition number stamped in it and unsurpassed personal attention to detail make these grandfather clocks heirlooms to be treasured for generations. 

The current model Howard Miller Presidential Collection Grandfather Clocks include:


Howard Miller Ambassador Grandfather Clock Collection

TheHoward Miller Ambassador Clock Collection has clocks with special long cases that have an unusual degree of extra high quality workmanship. The Ambassador Collection has similar features as the Presidential as well as some particular differences. The Ambassador Collection clocks are generally a bit smaller or less weighty and the price of each clock model is somewhat lower than the grandfather clocks in the Presidential Collection.

The Howard Miller Ambassador Collection Grandfather clock cases are made of solid wood and are crafted, designed and assembled in the USA while the premium Kieninger Clock mechanical movement is made in Germany. The Ambassador Series clocks have split pediments, also known as Swan's Neck top and are named after ambassadors. 

The two Howard Miller Ambassador Collection Grandfather Clocks currently offered include:


Howard Miller Limited Edition Clocks

TheHoward Miller Limited Edition features exclusive, one-of-a-kind clocks available at a limited supply. The Limited Edition includes grandfather clocks, floor clocks and mantel clocks. The clocks from the Limited Edition are either limited in time the clocks will be produced or only a certain number of the clocks will be handcrafted and specially inscribed with "Limited Edition”.

The Limited Edition Clocks have special features or unique detailing. These clocks have all of its finely crafted solid wood cases designed and assembled in the USA with high-end German-made Kieninger Clocks movements inside. After production ceases to create a limited edition heirloom, the clock model is gone forever.

The current Clocks of Howard Miller Presidential Collection include:


Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Collection

TheHoward Miller Anniversary Clock Collection introduces each year a clock with unique detail design and special features. Similarly to other Howard Miller special clock collections, these clocks are exquisitely crafted and impose the highest quality.

The full selection of Howard Miller Anniversary clock Collection include grandfather clocks and floor clocks:


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