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Imagine a timepiece that effortlessly merges tradition and innovation, embracing the spirit of contemporary design. Enter the modern wall clock, a stunning reinterpretation of its ancestral counterpart, destined to grace the walls of contemporary spaces with its elegant presence.

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What Is a Modern Wall Clock?

A modern wall clock is a contemporary and stylistically updated version of the traditional timekeeping device that hangs on a wall. Wall clocks are frequently used as unique and beautiful wall decor.

With the time passing by, traditional wall clocks couldn't meet the needs of customers and it was hard to fit them in modern interior decor. This pushed for expanding wall clock designs that have started to become more varied, making them simple to employ as room decor.


Which Size of a Modern Wall Clock Is the Best?

Contemporary wall clocks can give your home or office personality and more space if the decision is accurate. And if you are looking for a wall clock, it's important to decide what size it should be.

Determining the optimal size for a contemporary wall clock depends on several factors. For example, the available wall space where you plan to hang the clock, whether you want it to be a focal point or add a subtle aesthetic touch, and, of course, the design of the clock and the room.

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The best size for modern wall clocks is a personal decision based on your personal preferences, the intended location, and the overall design of the room. Experiment with different sizes by using mock-ups or visualizing the clock in the space to get a better sense of how it will look and feel.

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What Room Do You Put a Modern Wall Clock in?

Contemporary wall clocks can be placed in any room of your house or an office, you just need to remember a few rules to make the best out of the space and the clock.

  1. Living Room: The living room is a common choice for showcasing modern wall clocks. It can be a focal point, adding visual interest to the interior decor of the room. A wall clock can enhance the contemporary vibe or provide a contrasting element against more traditional furnishings. A large wall clock can be a perfect choice for a living room.

  2. Kitchen: A contemporary wall clock in the kitchen is both functional and decorative element. It gives you an opportunity to keep track of cooking times and be a stylish addition on a bare wall. We suggest to choose a clock in a large size with easy-to-read numerals.

  3. Home Office: In a home office or study, a wall clock can be a practical addition. If you are sensitive to sounds, you should choose a clock that doesn't make any noise. In this case, a digital wall clock can be a better decision. A home office is a perfect place to play with different dimensions of a wall clock and find which one fits the best.

  4. Bedroom: Having a contemporary wall clock in a bedroom isn't the most popular choice because of the noise level of the clock's ticking. If you plan to have a wall clock in a bedroom, opt for a silent, non-ticking movement for a peaceful sleep environment.

  5. Entryway/Hallway: A modern wall clock near the entryway or in a hallway can make a strong impression as soon as guests enter your home. It's very convenient to have a clock there for a quick glances when heading out the door.

  6. Bathroom: We know that it might sound weird but you can place a contemporary wall clock in a bathroom. Since it's a space with increased humidity, you should purchase a clock that is designed for such purposes and won't break in no time.

And the best part is that it's ok to have wall clocks in each room or any space you want. Just make sure that the styles of wall clocks match the overall interior decor.


What to Look for When Buying a Modern Wall Clock?

There is a huge variety of wall clocks in the market and it shouldn't be a big problem to find one. As with any other purchase, you should consider the quality of a wall clock. The better quality, the longer it will last.

High quality wall clock doesn't always mean that it will be expensive but we still recommend to determine your budget. It will also help you to narrow down your choice and spend less time looking for what you want.

Another point to consider is where you prefer to buy the clock. If you choose to buy online, you should check the shipping options. Not all retailers have shipping available to all areas in the USA. Also, some shops offer free delivery while in some you will have to pay for it.

The last but not least is where the clock is made. If you prefer to support the local production, you need to double check with a manufacturer or an authorized dealer where the clock you want is designed and assembled.

What Modern Wall Clocks Are Made in the USA?

The local production is becoming more and more popular. The number of brands that produce their wall clocks in the USA is growing.

One of the oldest and most popular manufacturers of wall clocks is Howard Miller Clock Company. The contemporary wall clocks have highest quality and unique designs.

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Popular Models of Modern Wall Clocks by Howard Miller

There are more than 100 designs of clocks made by Howard Miller. We have picked the 3 most popular models.

Oversized Modern Wall Clock

The Howard Miller Lacy Wall Clock 625372 is an oversized wall clock with quartz movement. It will be a stylish addition to any home. Place it on a blank wall in your living room to add new vibe.

 Howard Miller Lacy Modern Wall Clock 625372 - Premier Clocks

Modern Wall Clock with Numbers

The Howard Miller Grange Hall Wall Clock 625575 has multi-colored panels and Arabic numerals in various colors that are easy to read the time.

Howard Miller Grange Hall Wall Clock 625575 - Premier Clocks

Mid century Modern Wall Clock

The Howard Miller Ball Clock II Wall Clock 625527 is a large wall clock that is a true representation of a mid century modern epoch. Even a quick view on this wall clock will steal your heart.

Howard Miller Ball Clock II Wall Clock 625527 - Premier Clocks

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