Oversized Wall Clock for Room Decoration

Oversized Wall Clock for Room Decoration - Premier Clocks

Wall clocks are beautiful and functional wall art in the world of design and decoration that will add a personal touch to your space. You can choose aunique wall clock from traditional through transitional to modern style. The wall clocks have a wide range of styles, colors and sizes that will fitany interior design

Despite advancements with digital clocks, large wall clocks continue to be popular items todecorate home or office. Oversized wall clocks can be adapted tomatch any type of décor and at the same timepersonalize the space. When choosing a wall clock, it is important to think about how to combinemaximum functionality andaesthetic appeal

The size of the wall clock should be appropriate to the size of the room. Oversized wall clocks are perfect to fill large free areas. Large wall clocks can be placed almost in any free space that there is but there arefew suggestions to find the best spot.


Where to buy large wall clocks?

Nowadays, there are numerous manufacturers that produce large wall clocks with different styles and designs. When choosing an oversized wall clock, pay attention to the material of the clock, the features it has, what movement runs the clock.

Howard Miller Clocks is one of the best producers of oversized wall clocks in various styles, colors and shapes. You can find large rustic wall clocks, extra large wall clocks, large square wall clocks, large decorative wall clocks, chiming wall clocks and more.  

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Howard Miller Oversized Large Wall Clocks - Premier Clocks

Where is the best place to put an oversized wall clock?

An oversized wall clock can be placed in a whole range of walls including living rooms walls, entryways, bedroom walls, kitchen or dining walls, office walls and so on. If a large wall clock is hung not in the right spot, it can look out of place and awkward. Here are a few tips where to put an oversized wall clock in a way it will complement the interior design. 

A living room is probably by far the most popular room to have an oversized wall clock. And there is a reason for that. Living room is a place where people gather making it a perfect place to display your favorite items and impress your guests. It is enough to find a blank spot on a wall and place an oversized wall clock that fits there. 

The second favorite place for an oversized wall clock is akitchen or adining room. Those two often are combined in one room. An oversized wall clock will be a great alternative to a traditional buffet or hutch.

Anentryway could definitely use a large wall clock as well. Together with a console or near to the entrance door, an oversized wall clock will add style and functionality to the space. 

Ahome office is another option where a large wall clock will be a great fit. Above the desk or where some free space is, an oversized wall clock can be hung. 

Another place to consider for an oversized wall clock is abedroomwall. It is better to choose a silent clock or a clock with a night shut off option to avoid loud noise during night.Vastu suggests that the clock has to be away from the wall where the headrest of the bed is placed. Howard Miller Oversized Wall Clock - Premier Clocks

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