The History and Production of Ridgeway Clocks

The History and Production of Ridgeway Clocks - Premier Clocks

Ridgeway grandfather clocks are traditional and elegant as well as of the finest quality. Let’s look a bit in the History of Ridgeway Clocks and their production.

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The Ridgeway Clock History

The history of Ridgeway Clocks starts in 1926 as The Gravely Furniture Company as a sofa maker. Eventually, the company was producing a variety of well-crafted products for bedroom, living room and dining room as well as grandfather clocks. And only in 1960, The Gravely Furniture Company moved to producing grandfather clocks exclusively. This makes Ridgeway the oldest continuous producer of grandfather clocks in the United States. 

The Gravely Furniture Company was sold to Pulaski Furniture Corporation in 1985 and was renamed Ridgeway Clocks. Interestingly, the name "Ridgeway" appears on some clocks prior to 1985. This is because prior to being sold, Gravely had introduced the Ridgeway version of its grandfather clocks. Ridgeway Clocks made the famous grandfather clocks near Martinsville Speedway.

During the 1990s and 2000s, Pulaski started  focusing on furniture for homes that had higher interest among consumers. In this change of focus, the Ridgeway Clocks was not a prime seller and it was decided by the management to sell Ridgeway.

Ridgeway Clocks was acquired from Pulaski Furniture Corporation in 2004 by Howard Miller Company that is based in Zeeland, Michigan. With this, the clock-making work was also moved to Zeeland in 2005 that introduced new modern technologies in Ridgeway grandfather clocks production.


The Production of Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

The Ridgeway grandfather clocks have had some changes over the years with all the changing of owners and craftsmen. Nowadays, Ridgeway grandfather clocks are built with superb craftsmanship and high quality parts and machinery. Ridgeway mechanical grandfather clocks are crafted by American clockmakers that will guarantee the highest quality.

The most modern techniques in quality manufacturing are being used in the production of Ridgeway Clocks in the factory in Zeeland. The high level of consistency across the product lines is achieved by thecomputer numeric control that cuts all wood for cases making them exactly the same. Instead of air curing, theRadio Frequency method is used for gluing the cases which makes a much stronger joint. 

Since Howard Miller Company also owned the Germany based manufacturer of movements Kieninger, these movements started being used in Ridgeway Clocks ensuring the high quality.


Ridgeway Clocks Collection

Ridgeway Clocks Collection - Premier Clocks


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Premier Clocks
Premier Clocks

March 05, 2023

Hi Nguyen Ngo! Thank you for your question. At this time, Premier Clocks do not sell replacement parts.

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Nguyen Ngo
Nguyen Ngo

March 05, 2023

I got the second hand (or third , forth) Ridgeway Grandfather clock Model #337 and Serial #7312 .
Can company provide me the replacement mechanism of this clock. I would like to refurbish

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