Everything You Need to Know about a Small Grandfather Clock

Everything You Need to Know about a Small Grandfather Clock - Premier Clocks

A grandfather clock has a long history and is one of the most beautiful and traditional items for any home decor since the 17th century. Normally, grandfather clocks have a unique shape and a large tall case as well as the beauty of these timepieces is undeniable.

You probably might notice that some of grandfather clocks are smaller than others. In this blog post, Premier Clocks will tell you a bit more about small grandfather clocks.

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What Are Small Grandfather Clocks Called?

While most grandfather clocks are normally at least 6 feet 3 inches height (192 cm), there are smaller versions of them. Some experts say that small grandfather clocks are called "a grandmother clock" or a "grandchild clock".

At the same time, some people insist that a small grandfather clock is a wall clock. Keep reading, we will explain why so in a bit.

These versions have a right to exist at the same time and Premier Clocks will try to give you as much information as possible on both of them.


Grandmother Clocks as a Small Grandfather Clock

The only difference between a grandmother clock and a grandfather clock is the size. Usually, a grandmother clock is between 5 and 6 feet tall (between 150 and 182 cm) and has similar features as a grandfather clock.

A grandmother clock is a free-standing clock with a pendulum for time keeping housed in a wooden long case but smaller in size.


What Is a Grandchild Clock?

The similar situation with a grandchild clock. They can be recognized by lower height than a grandfather clock or a grandmother clock. You might also see a grandchild clock is being called a granddaughter clock. These two terms are interchangeable.

A grandchild clock or granddaughter clock is a small grandfather clock that is usually between three and five feet tall (between 90 and 150cm).These type of clocks is charming in appearance and known by its petite size and delicate decoration.


Why a Grandfather Wall Clock Can Be a Small Grandfather Clock

We understand that it might sound confusing but this is another term used for a small grandfather clock and it kind of makes sense. What is meant by "grandfather wall clock" is that many wall clocks have a pendulum to power the mechanism and function similarly to a grandfather clock. In addition, of course a wall clock is smaller in size and that is why they can be considered as a small grandfather clock.


How Much Is a Small Grandfather Clock Worth?

Ok, so we have covered what a small grandfather clock can be; now you probably wonder about the prices. Does not matter if you are thinking to buy or to sell one, you need to know how much it is worth.

Well... you have probably seen this before and we hate to be vague but the price of a small grandfather clock really depends on each individual clock. 


Are Small Grandfather Clocks Worth Anything?

Anyway, we still would like to give you some idea and numbers. A small grandfather clock can be worth from as little as $100 to an average of $30k. What matters is the condition of a grandfather clock, a maker, an age, features, etc.


How About Small Antique Grandfather Clocks?

While many contemporary grandfather clocks are made taller, it should be mentioned that many antique grandfather clocks are shorter. As a rule, an antique grandfather clock has a higher value since they are rare and collectors find them very desirable for their collection. Please be aware that there are many cheap replicas of antique clocks. If you are uncertain about the authenticity of the antique grandfather clock, it is better to ensure with an expert the it is real deal.


How to Choose a Small Grandfather Clock

Buying a good quality grandfather clock that can last for years and might become a heirloom can be a wise investment. If you are looking to shop a small grandfather clock for your home, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • what style your prefer and if it can match and complement the interior design
  • what material - wood or maybe some other alternative, like metal or glass. And if it is wood, should it be an oak or mahogany
  • what finish will look good with the rest of the woom
  • how it should be powered - mechanical movement or batteries
  • what chimes - single Westminster or maybe triple chime with various melodies
  • what function it should have - night stuff off, lever, etc.

For more information, please check out a Grandfather Clock Buyer's Guide.


The Best Howard Miller Small Grandfather Clocks

Considering all the things above, we have picked the best options of grandmother clocks and grandfather wall clocks.


Howard Miller Chateau Grandmother Clock

This grandmother clock is designed to impart traditional elegance to any room. It is built in the USA from premium wood to ensure lasting quality in traditional style. The height of this clock is 6 inch and 3 feet.

  • Design. The clock has a gently-distressed Windsor Cherry finish for the look of an antique heirloom. It offers a graceful swan neck pediment with turned finial and reeded finial seat. Thedial is polished brass finished and features an ornate, gold-tone center with a silver tone chapter ring with an hour hand and a minute hand. The dial is complemented by a fixed midnight blue moon phase. This piece has a beautiful pendulum for keeping the time.

  • Movement. This small grandfather clock has chain-driven movement with three weights. Westminster chime will sound every hour. The clock has a chime silence option for night time. To protect the movement, the clock has a locking door.


Howard Miller Ashley Grandmother Clock

This grandmother clock is more just than to tell time, it is able to enhance any space at your home with a graceful beauty. The clock is 6 feet 3 inch height and features a handsome, softly arched pediment with delicate embossing. This clock is made in the USA with a great quality/value ratio.

  • Design. This small grandfather clock offers a softly arched pediment with delicate embossing that is finished in Oak Yorkshire on select wood and veneers. The polished brass finished dial features an ornate, gold-tone center and a silver tone chapter ring with an hour hand and a minute hand. A fixed midnight blue moon phase on top accents the dial. This clock has elongated glass door that can be locked for added security.

  • Movement. This small grandfather clock gets the power from a high-precision chain-driven movement made in Germany. Popular Westminster chime with an hour strike has a choice to be silenced for a night. 


Howard Miller Lewis Wall Grandfather Clock

For the those who love the classic style of traditional wall clock with chime, it is a must-have piece. Hang in a dining room, study, or den, and enjoy the beautiful design this stunning wall clock offers.

  • Design. This wall clock has Windsor Cherry finish on select hardwoods and veneers. This traditional clock was inspired by antique clocks and features a distinctive dentil molding on the profiled pediment with maple and ebony hand-rubbed marquetry overlays at each corner. The white dial is designed with black Roman numerals and serpentine hour hand and minute hand. A polished brass-finished lyre pendulum appears behind the locking door.

  • Movement. This wall clock features a high-precision key-wound triple-chime movement and plays your choice of Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington chimes. Additionally, this wall clock features a chime silence option and durable bronze bushings to provide beautiful sound.


Howard Miller Jennison Wall Grandfather Clock

With classic style and beautiful details of antique clocks, this is a must-have popular piece. Hang this item in any room in your home for an added touch of class and beauty.

  • Design. This wall clock is finished in Vintage Mahogany on select hardwoods and veneers. No detail was overlooked in the creation of this wall clock. An individually carved, scalloped shell on the pediment is designed similar to a John Goddard original. The highly polished Viennese dial is overlaid with individual convex chapter rings and a center disc with an enameled finish. The front-opening door features beveled glass and a polished brass-finished lyre pendulum swings by a beat plate.

  • Movement. This wall clock features a high-precision key-wound, triple-chime movement and plays your choice of Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington chimes, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful sound of this chiming wall clock. An industry exclusive dual-ratchet winding arbor on this wall clock with pendulum ensures safe movement winding. Additionally, the wall clock features a chime silence option and durable bronze bushings.


We have tried to gather and provide various details about small grandfather clocks and we hope it is clear now for you what these pieces are and their value. If you still have any questions or need more information, leave a comment below or contact us.


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