Tubular Clock Movement

Tubular Clock Movement

Tubular clocks are temperamental and have rich sounding chimes while the tubular chime array creates a one-of-a-kind look.

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What is a Tubular Clock Movement?

The tubular movement is a clock movement that uses long steel tuned tubes to produce clear, vibrant, resonant chime melodies.

Normally, there will be 16 hammers and corresponding tubes in clocks with tubular movement. These clocks also have a different chime sequence. At the first quarter of an hour, the clock strikes once; then twice at half an hour; and three times at the third quarter-hour. The full selected chime melody will play at the hour which is followed by the striking of the matching hour. 


How Does a Tubular Clock Movement Work?

Tiny hammers are striking the tubes that make more accurate pitch than the chime rods. The tubes have various lengths which produce different notes with a much deeper sound and resonate longer in comparison to a chime rod mechanical clock. 

Similarly to a chime rod mechanical clock, tubular mechanical clocks do not require batteries and should be wound every week with a key (a clock crank).

In addition, the tubular chime array provides a unique aesthetic of the clock and looks impressive behind the pendulum.

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Howard Miller Tubular Clock Movement

Howard Miller Company features three clocks with nine-tubular chime movement 

The Howard Miller Focal Point Wall Clock 622779 is designed by Arthur Umanoff Associates and features a visible movement made from highly polished solid brass complemented by nine chrome-plated chime tubes.Howard Miller Focal Point Wall Clock 622779 - Premier Clocks

The Howard Miller Park Avenue Limited Edition Floor Clock 611230 features the stainless steel case with highly reflective shine and luster while nine-tubular chime movement is highly polished, chrome plated and features 36 bushings.

Howard Miller Park Avenue Limited Edition Floor Clock 611230 - Premier Clocks 

The Howard Miller The J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 is a traditional and elegant piece from Limited Edition that has tubular movement producing a beautiful chime sound.

Howard Miller The J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 - Premier Clocks

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