Westminster Chimes is also known as the Cambridge Quarters, from its place of origin, the church of St. Mary the Great in Cambridge, England. The Westminster Chime melody comes from George Fredrick Handel’s aria, “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth” but people commonly associate the Westminster Chimes with Big Ben at the House of Parliament in London. The chime spread to the United States of America in December 1875. It was first sounded at Trinity Episcopal Church in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Howard Miller Clocks play the same traditional and joyous Chimes of Westminster melody as the Westminster Quarters heard in the streets of central London for over 150 years.

Listen to Westminster Chime

IMPORTANT: This audio file is for reference only. Do not expect that your clock will sound exactly the same. All clocks differ in tone and have their unique voices and even when the same melody is played there may be significant variations. Contact us if you have questions.