Where To Put a Grandfather Clock?

Where to Put Grandfather Clock

A grandfather clock is a time-honored piece of craftsmanship that unlikely to go out of style. If you are already a lucky owner of a grandfather clock or still considering getting one, you need to think carefully about where to put your grandfather clock and decide whether it’s a good spot for such a valuable timepiece.

Premier Clocks did research to find out where to put a grandfather clock for the maximum effect of aesthetics as well as functionality. 

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The Most Popular Areas To Put a Grandfather Clock

Premier Clocks prepared some of the most popular options of where to place a grandfather clock.


Grandfather Clock in Entryways and Foyers

It’s common to have an empty space in the entryway or foyer of the house and a grandfather clock isa perfect way to use that space wisely. Becoming a focal point, the grandfather clock will add elegance andtie the interior design together. Sometimes, a grandfather clock will be a better solution for the entryway or foyer than a table or chairs. As a bonus, if you are a fan of the chiming melodies, placing a grandfather clock in a closed room willenhance the sound and resonate through the house more. In addition, it’s a great place to show off your grandfather clock since anyone who enters through the front door will surely see it. 

Though, there is one important consideration that should be mentioned and remembered. Since it’s hard to keep the same temperature and the level of humidity in the entryway, agrandfather clock can slow down. During the winter, it should be on time, but in the summer, the grandfather clock can slow down as the pendulum expands with the heat leading to loose around one minute per week.

Grandfather clock in Entryways and Foyers - Premier Clocks


Grandfather Clock in Living Rooms

A living room of most of the homes makes a first impression as to the overall vibe of the house. It’s a space where you accept guests and have your gatherings and adding a grandfather clock willupscale the theme of the room. Similar to the entryways, a grandfather clock in the living room can serve asa tie-in piece allowing the decor to feel complete. This way, a grandfather clock is not only a functioning clock but also a piece of furniture incorporated in the interior design. You can choose between traditional through transitional to a modern grandfather clock for your living room. Even if your grandfather clock stops running, it will be a perfect addition for the living room. 

Grandfather clock in a living room - Premier Clocks


Grandfather Clock in Dining Areas and Kitchens

Dining areas and kitchens might seem as a good idea to put a grandfather clock but it’s not that simple. True, a grandfather clock willlook harmonious with a dining table, a china cabinet, and visually make the room larger

But it’s important to note that a grandfather clock should beplaced with a reasonable distance from the cooking area (especially if there is no good ventilation); otherwise, heat and moisture can cause damage to your timepiece. Also, you should keep in mind that normally dining areas and kitchens are equipped with a significant amount of furniture of different heights and adding a large piece, such as a grandfather clock, can make the space feel a bit cramped. 

For dining areas and kitchens, we suggest getting acurio grandfather clock. This way, you will add one more function to your timepiece as a place to store necessary equipment that is not used frequently or display valuable treasures. This will help to free up much-needed cabinet space for necessities in the kitchen that are used on a daily basis.


Grandfather Clock in Bathrooms

We understand it might seem unconventional, but a bathroom will be a great space to place anon-working grandfather clock. It will become a focal point and a convenient space to store towels and such. A bathroom with a grandfather clock in it will have a special character and stand out as a unique decor solution. AMora grandfather clock will look especially beautiful and atmospheric in a bathroom.

Grandfather clock in bathrooms - Premier Clocks


Grandfather Clock in Master Bedrooms

Another interesting place to have your grandfather clock is a bedroom. We understand that the first question pops in your head ishow about the strikes and chimes. Nowadays, manufacturers include special features, such as astrike-no strike lever and a very usefulnighttime chime shut-off option that prevents a grandfather clock from chiming. Also there are grandfather clocks that have no chimes. So with these kinds of a grandfather clock, you no need to worry about rendition of “Westminster Quarters” in the middle of the night. If it’s anantique grandfather clock, you will need to check with the clockmaster about these additional features. 

Grandfather clock in bedrooms - Premier Clocks

Good Conditions for a Grandfather Clock

There are a few conditions that you need to keep in mind when choosing where to put a grandfather clock so it will last for generations. 

  1. The place where your grandfather clock will go has to have acomfortable environment, such as suitable temperature (not too gold, not too hot) and the level of humidity (not too damp or dry). The changes in the temperature and humidity can cause the wood to swell and shrink.
  2. When considering where to put your grandfather clock, make sure it will look well aesthetically and match the style of the room. It’s important to take into account the decor of the area before placing a significant piece like a grandfather clock.
  3. In order to avoid constant bumping on your grandfather clock, it might be a good idea to put it inan area with a low traffic. Placing a grandfather clock in a corner, niche, alcove, or behind a heavy piece of furniture will protect it from the exposure to the potential danger. 
  4. At the same time, you don’t want to put your grandfather clock where no one can see it or where it’s difficult to reach. It will be a good idea toplace your beautiful timepiece where you can enjoy it and check the time. Also, there should also be a clear way to your grandfather clock for 

    winding it once a week and in case it needs to be repaired, professionals have easy access.


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We can’t stress enough how crucial the location is when it comes to placement of your grandfather clock and we tried to provide a short but useful information. If you are still uncertain and need advice, leave a comment below or contact us.

3 Responses

Kathleen Altieri
Kathleen Altieri

May 08, 2024

I inherited a table grandfather clock. Where should I put it? I have a Bay window n my livingroom. It gets morning sun. It is east sun.

Premier Clocks
Premier Clocks

July 11, 2023

Hi Michael!

If there is a possibility, we recommend to put a grandfather clock in a place next that is not next to a heat source as it can cause some damages to your clock.

Best wishes,
Premier Clocks

Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan

July 11, 2023

Is it safe enough to put your grandfather close to a heat source like a radiator. Luckily I live in a apartment where I generally don’t need to turn it up unless it’s extremely cold out

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