The Special Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Collection

The Special Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Collection

All Howard Miller products from portable alarm clocks to limited edition grandfather clocks are special but the ones from the Anniversary Edition have unique detail design and various special features.


What is a Howard Miller Anniversary Clock?

The Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Collection introduces each year a clock that is exquisitely crafted with the highest quality and limited in time the clocks will be made.

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The Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Editions

The current selection of Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Collection include grandfather clocks and floor clocks of the 79th Anniversary Edition, the 86th Anniversary Edition, the 88th Anniversary Edition, the 89th Anniversary Edition, the 93rd Anniversary Edition, the 94th Anniversary Edition, the 95th Anniversary Edition. 

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The Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Collection

The Howard Miller Anniversary Clock Collection - Premier Clocks

The 79th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Robinson Grandfather Clock 611042

The Howard Miller 611042 Robinson Grandfather Clock has a traditional Howard Miller style specially designed for the 79th anniversary. This grandfather clock is designed and assembled in the USA,crafted with elaborated carving details and finished in Cherry Bordeaux.

The polished brass-finished dial offers elaborate corner spandrels, a center disk, a silver chapter ring with applied brass Arabic numerals. The high precision movement is cable-driven and has melodic chimes of Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington.

The special 88th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Wilford Grandfather Clock 611226

The Howard Miller 611226 Wilford Grandfather Clock is from the special 88th Anniversary Edition crafted in real Cherry. This wooden clock has extra features and an option of custom touch with brass Heirloom nameplate with engraved name and special date.

The astrological blue moon phase with a pierced star pattern gives a special look to the clock face. The melodic Westminstermovement has a full chime and strikes on the hour.

The 89th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Grayland Grandfather Clock 611244

The Howard Miller 611244 Grayland Grandfather Clock is a special styling standing clock from the 89th Anniversary Edition. The design focuses on the traditional elegance with nickel-finish details and Westminster chimes. 

The carved hardwood, nickel-finish details, melodic chimes and heirloom quality makethis clock belong to the limited edition grandfather clocks. The cable-driven movement is German-made and high precision.

The 93rd Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Roderick IV Grandfather Clock 611288

The Howard Miller 611288 Roderick IV Grandfather Clock is a Howard Miller classic from the 93rd-anniversary edition. This clock is made and assembled in the USA with detailed design, unique face, quality craftsmanship and precision movement. 

A free Heirloom Record Certificate with a nickel-finished capsule is included with purchase of this grandfather clock. Additionally, a free nickel Heirloom Nameplate will be engraved with your name and special date.

The 93rd Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Anastasia Grandfather Clock 611278

The Howard Miller 611278 Anastasia Grandfather Clock is designed for the 93rd-Anniversary Edition and inspired by the Swedish Mora clocks from the late 1800s. This timepiece has a distressed Aged Gray finish for the antique feeling, along with a removable crown so it is possible to change the look for various decor ideas.

The aged dial has a numeral ring with worn black Roman numerals and charcoal hands that feature a special "Anniversary Edition" inscription, all secure behind a convex glass crystal. Full Westminster chime and a strike sound on every hour.

The 94th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Reid Grandfather Clock 611304

The Howard Miller 611304 Reid Grandfather Clock is 94th Anniversary Edition clock that is crafted with premium materials. The machined steel, beautifully grained woods, and wrought iron metals create a floor clock that is sure to be a focal point while the Dark Coffee Oak finish provides a modern style.

This timepiece is perfect for the house with contemporary style decor. It features an aged charcoal-finished pendulum with a rectangular bob surrounding a woodgrain insert that swings in front of a machined steel background. Quartz, triple-chime Harmonic movement requires four C batteries.

The 94th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Juno Grandfather Clock 611312

The Howard Miller 611312 Juno Grandfather Clock is a 94th Anniversary Edition and no details were left unnoticed by the manufacturer in the creation of this timepiece. It is as functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

This grandfather clock features a Seaside Grey finish on select hardwoods and veneers, creating a truly premium piece. The time only quartz, battery-operated, continuous sweep movement make this clock precise and easy for maintaining.

The 95th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Emilia Grandfather Clock 611324

The Howard Miller 611324 Emilia Grandfather Clock from 95th Anniversary Edition for 2021 has special features giving the exceptional balance of quality and money value. It is crafted in Cherry Bordeaux finish with a graceful split pediment.

The reeded columns with turned column caps frame the locking front door with crystal-cut V-grooved glass. The grandfather clock has high precision, cable driven, Westminster chimemovement.

The distinctive 95th Anniversary ClockHoward Miller Echo Grandfather Clock 611318

The Howard Miller 611318 Echo Grandfather Clock from distinctive 95th-Anniversary-Edition imparts contemporary style. This modern grandfather clock is made in the USA from tempered glass and polished stainless steel.

This timepiece has modern details such as the slender cylindrical pendulum, which has a stainless steel finish for a sleek complementary look. The energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates the case and can be controlled by touching the base plate. The quartz movement makes this grandfather clock precise and easy in maintenance.

The special 86th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Kinsley Grandfather Clock 611196

The Howard Miller 611196 Kinsley Grandfather Clock is designed in the USA for a special 86th Anniversary Edition and can add an elegant look to any space. This grandfather clock is Golden Oak finish on select hardwoods and veneers.

This grandfather clock is full of special features. A moon arch with an astrological blue moon phase brings the aesthetic pleasure while Westminster chime movement captures the attention of the ears.

The 88th Anniversary Clock Howard Miller Alford Grandfather Clock 611224

The Howard Miller 611224 Alford Grandfather Clock from the 88th Anniversary Edition is elegant and durable. It is made in traditional design and can bring a classic view to the living room. This wooden clock has gleaming brass-finish pendulum and melodic Westminster chime. 

This grandfather clock is crafted in lightly distressed Hampton Cherry finish with the beveled glass on the front door and illuminated dial. The polished brass-finished pendulum has a cast center disk which complements the dial and polished banded brass-finished weight shells.

Are There Howard Miller Anniversary Mantel Clocks?

The Anniversary Collection is not limited only to grandfather clocks. There are a few mental clocks and table clocks that were specially designed for a limited anniversary edition.

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