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What is Mid Century Modern?

Each year, we see more and more in different areas of our lives the term “Mid Century Modern” but what does it actually mean? The term “mid century modern” is quite difficult to define but if we would try to put it in simpler words and give a short answer, itdescribes architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century

Some of the original mid century modern furniture pieces can reach quite a high price. For example, in December 1999, a George Nelson Marshmallow sofa sold for an unprecedented $66,000. A year later, two George Nelson“pretzel” armchairs sold for just over $2,500 a piece, while a 1965 George Nakashima cabinet sold for $20,700.

But no worries, if you would like to have a mid century modern furniture piece in your home, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. Many manufacturers created a mid modern collection or special edition inspired by mid modern century style. 

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Are There Mid Century Modern Grandfather Clocks?

Good news for those who would like to enhance the look of home with a grandfather clock, you can get one in mid century modern design. A grandfather clock with a mid century modern look is different from traditional one but often it includes the same features. 

Since mid century modern was focused with practicality and simplicity, bulky grandfather clocks didn’t really fit in the overall idea of the period. To get an original mid century modern grandfather clock, you will need to spend some time finding it as they are very limited in number. But if you are looking just for the look, then it should be easier to find a mid century modern reproduction grandfather clock. 

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Grandfather Clocks Inspired by Mid Century Modern Style

Add elegance to the living room withHoward Miller Avalon Grandfather Clock 611220. This grandfather clock was designed with mid century modern style in mind. It has simple lines, plays melodic chimes for a soothing sound, and a chrome-finish grid pendulum to add visual interest.

Howard Miller Avalon Grandfather Clock 611220 - Premier Clocks 

Howard Miller Bedford Park Grandfather Clock 615102 is an extraordinary statement piece that reflects a sense of time-honored beauty coupled with a modern flair. Simple yet refined, this grandfather clock features a vertical, hand-forged iron dial marker bearing black hour and minute hands.

 Howard Miller Bedford Park Grandfather Clock 615102 - Premier Clocks

Accent your living space with Howard Miller Oscar Grandfather Clock 615128. The wooden and metal design has a mid century modern look, while the slender pendulum imparts even more visual interest to this grandfather clock.

Howard Miller Oscar Grandfather Clock 615128 - Premier Clocks 

Howard Miller Everly Grandfather Clock 615136 is a perfect example of mid century modern functionality and look. The design artfully combines metal and wood elements to create a modern statement piece. The sharp lines and combined elements create movement throughout this piece making your eyes seamlessly move throughout.

Howard Miller Everly Grandfather Clock 615136 - Premier Clocks 

From the mesmerizing design to the intricate detailing,Howard Miller Halo Grandfather Clock 615124 is destined to steal the spotlight. The intricate workmanship sets it apart from other décor, conveying a down-to-earth sensibility that is unmatched in both transitional and contemporary spaces.

Howard Miller Halo Grandfather Clock 615124 - Premier Clocks


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