Unusual Grandfather Clocks for Interior Decoration

Unusual Grandfather Clocks - Premier Clocks

A grandfather clock is a lovely timepiece to have at home that can bring back some warm memories. But with the modern interior designs, it’s quite a challenge to fit a traditional style clock in your home decor. Instead, you can try to find an unusual grandfather clock that might suit your space better. 


Why to Get an Unusual Grandfather Clock? 

The unusual grandfather clocks are often made in transitional style that combine both traditional and modern elements in their design. This makes them an attractive addition to home decor as well as an investment and family heirloom. 

A high level of craftsmanship and attention to details makes the unusual grandfather clocks a combination of functionality and stylish solution for interior decoration. In addition, they will bring some vintage charm to your home.


The Most Unusual Grandfather Clocks

The Howard Miller Nashua Grandfather Clock is an unusual timepiece that has the look of a Mora clock, with antique brass-finish details including a pendulum and Heirloom Nameplate.

Howard Miller Nashua Grandfather Clock 615005 - Premier Clocks

TheHoward Miller Brenner IV Grandfather Clock delivers elegance and a unique design. What makes this grandfather clock unusual is its white gloss finish and the case that is illuminated with an energy-efficient LED lamp, which is dimmable to three settings.

Howard Miller Brenner IV Grandfather Clock 611293 - Premier Clocks

The Howard Miller Echo II Grandfather Clock combines the sleek look of tempered glass with a glossy white dial and base for an eye-catching unusual design.

Howard Miller Echo II Grandfather Clock - Premier Clocks

The Howard Miller Hourglass Grandfather Clock is a metal timepiece in steampunk style that has an unusual sand-filled hourglass in the case, which is adjustable by hand and can be used to time one hour.

Howard Miller Hourglass Grandfather Clock - Premier Clocks

The Howard Miller The J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock designed by Chris Bergelin is an elegant traditional timepiece that stands out with nine-tubular chime movement as well as being made of sixteen species of hardwoods and veneers. 

Howard Miller The J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock - Premier Clocks


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