The story of the St. Michael’s Chimes has a significance for the United States as a part of the heritage. The bells, cast in London, were installed in the St. Michael Church steeple in Charleston, South Carolina in 1764. The British took the bells back to England during the Revolutionary War. When the war was over, a Charleston merchant bought them in order to bring them back to America. In 1823, the bells were sent back to London to be recast when cracks were discovered in them. In 1862, the bells were moved to Columbia, S.C. for safe keeping during the Charleston siege. Unfortunately, when the Sherman’s army set fire to the area, nothing but only fragments of the bells were saved. These were sent back to London once more to be recast again, where the original molds still stood. The eight bells were reinstated in the St. Michael steeple in February 1867. There was a great rejoicing by the entire city as the bells rang out on March 21st, seeming to say: "Home again, home again, from a foreign land!"

Listen to St. Michael’s Chime

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