Whittington Chimes used to be referred to as “chimes on eight bells” before the name Whittington became common. Currently, it is also called St. Mary's Chimes that come in four different variations. The tune originated with the bell tower of the church of St. Mary le Bow in London, England. In the 14th century, the chimes became famous through a customary English theatre legend that connects them with Dick Whittington. The story tells that the young boy was an unhappy apprentice as a house waif who was treated poorly. One day, he was  running away from his master, and heard the tune ringing from the bell tower of the church of St Mary-le-Bow in London. The penniless boy heard the bells seemingly saying to him "Turn again Dick Whittington". Dick returned to London upon hearing the bells, where he went on to find his fortune and became the Lord Mayor of London four times. According to tradition, Whittington used the tune as a campaign song for his three returns to the office of mayor. A short version of the campaign song goes:
“Turn again Dick Whittington,
Right Lord Mayor of London Town.”

Listen to Whittington Chime

IMPORTANT: This audio file is for reference only. Do not expect that your clock will sound exactly the same. All clocks differ in tone and have their unique voices and even when the same melody is played there may be significant variations. Contact us if you have questions.