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If you are looking for a luxurious and meaningful gift, then you should consider giving a grandfather clock. It is a meaningful timeless gift to someone who is important to you. There are a few occasions where gifting a grandfather clock on an important event will be a perfect way to show that you appreciate that person in your life. 

A grandfather clock will help to make an anniversary, a housewarming, birthday, or any other significant milestone even more special and show you as a thoughtful person. Before you decide on giving a grandfather clock as a gift, you should consider some of the cultural meanings that are imbued in clock-gifting.

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Clock-Gifting Meanings

You need to keep in mind that gifting a grandfather clock can mean different things in different cultures. InWestern culture,such gifts would have connotations of luxury, intimacy and thoughtfulness. At the same time, inEaster culture, a clock symbolizes wishing bad luck and the running out of time which can be an uncomfortable reminder for seniors. 


Considerations of Gifting a Grandfather Clock

Before you start searching for a grandfather clock that you would like to give, you might want to think about the budget you have and the quality of a grandfather clock. Quality craftsmanship is more likely to last longer and can become a heirloom but also it will cost more. 

You also should think about the lifestyle of the person that is going to receive a grandfather clock. Someone who is settled will enjoy a timepiece more than someone who is frequently moving homes or a traveler.

The style of a grandfather clock is also important. A traditional clock might be not the best fit for a modern design or vice versa. If you want it to be a surprise, you should make sure that it would be possible to return or change the grandfather clock in case the receiver would enjoy a different model or something else. 


Good Occasions to Give a Grandfather Clock

Through the lifetime, people pass a few milestone markers and getting a grandfather clock will be a symbolic and metaphorical way to commemorate special events in someone’s life.

A grandfather clock can be a luxe present to mark:
  • an engagement
  • marriage
  • an anniversary
  • someone’s graduation
  • a promotion or retirement of a colleague
  • a business partner that has gone above and beyond
  • a housewarming
  • a client that has been with your company for years

A grandfather clock is an incredibly meaningful gift for someone to recognize the unique moment in time.


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