Where Are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Made?

Where Are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Made? - Premier Clocks

The Howard Miller Company definitely dominates when it comes to grandfather clocks and it is the biggest producer in the United States of America. Premier Clocks has written before about why Howard Miller grandfather clocks are so popular and now we would like to tell you more about the manufacturing process. 

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Anyone who loves grandfather clocks for their beauty, both in the exterior appearance and the technology of the movement, will agree with this statement fromHoward Miller

“It’s more than just making something. You’re making something that has life. It has chimes. You go into a house and hear those chimes every fifteen minutes, that house has life that another house doesn’t have.”

You might have noticed that in the last decades, Asia, especially China, has become a major producer of many consumer products with somewhat lower quality and it leads many to wonder where Howard Miller grandfather clocks are made. You can find that the Howard Miller grandfather clocks have a dual origin.

Before we jump into it, we think it is important to mention that there are two main parts of a grandfather clock - the case and the movement. Normally, these parts are crafted separately and then later assembled. 


Where Are Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Cases Made?

The Howard Miller grandfather clocks are made in the USA. The factory where the grandfather clocks are built is located in the small town of Zeeland, Michigan. It has not changed its location since the very beginning and been operating for over 80 years. And just as before, the Howard Miller Company demonstrates the importance of producing high-quality grandfather clocks at a reasonable price.

The Production of the Grandfather Clock Cases

The construction of the grandfather clock cases at theHoward Miller factory is a process of art. Each case part of grandfather clocks is identical to the next through using the computer controlled cutting technology. At the same time, the selected American hardwoods are used to build the cases and the real lacquer finishes are applied manually on each of them. 

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The sprawling facility in Zeeland, Michigan, is the only one in the world where "Howard Miller" name can appear on the face of every grandfatherclock manufactured there. 


Where Are Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Movements Made?

The Howard Miller grandfather clock movements are made in Germany. Both the quartz and mechanical movements are built by Kieninger that is located in Germany and then shipped to the factory in Zeeland, MI to be assembled to a grandfather clock. The Kieninger company was purchased by theHoward Miller Company at the end of 1993. 


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Marlene Davis Lilly

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