What is a Curio Grandfather Clock?

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A curio grandfather clock is one of the varieties of grandfather clocks that include shelves in the clock’s body.

This type of grandfather clocks combines a grandfather clock and a curio cabinet. This means that curio grandfather clocks have adouble function - theykeep perfect time as well as havespace to display your favorite collectables, family memories and life treasures.

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Similar to traditional grandfather clocks, curio grandfather clocks can havedifferent types of movements, including cable-driven, chain and quartz. Curio clocks withmechanical movements need to be adjusted every week whilequartz operated movements require minimum maintenance.

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Finely crafted curio clocks are precious not only because they are used to display items and keep the time but also it’s aunique decoration itself. In addition, a curio grandfather clock will bring charm to the place through itschimes.

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Curio Grandfather Clocks offered by Premier Clocks


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