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In the world of home decor and keeping time, Curio Grandfather Clocks stand out for their unique blend of charm and functionality. These special clocks go beyond just telling time; they combine the classic look of a grandfather clock with a cool twist—a built-in space to show off your favorite things.

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What Is a Curio Grandfather Clock?

A curio grandfather clock is one of the varieties of grandfather clocks that include shelves in the clock’s body.

This type of grandfather clocks combines a grandfather clock and a curio cabinet. This means that curio grandfather clocks have a double function - they keep perfect time as well as have space to display your favorite collectables, family memories and life treasures.


Key Features of Curio Grandfather Clocks

When considering a curio grandfather clock, it's essential to explore these features to find the one that aligns with your preferences and complements your home's style.


Variety of Movements. Similar to traditional grandfather clocks, curio grandfather clocks can have different types of movements, including cable-driven, chain and quartz. Curio clocks with mechanical movements need to be adjusted every week while quartz operated movements require minimum maintenance.

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Shelving System. The inclusion of shelves within the clock's body allows for creative and personalized displays. Many curio clocks have adjustable glass shelves for a better way to display all your treasured heirlooms and collectibles.


Traditional Design. Curio grandfather clocks often maintain the classic design elements associated with traditional grandfather clocks. These include a tall, freestanding structure with a long case, a decorative hood, a split or an arched pediment, and a pendulum, lending an elegant and timeless touch to any space. Often, a curio clock is crafted from select hardwoods and veneers.

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Focal Point in Decor. Finely crafted curio clocks are precious not only because they are used to display items and keep the time but also it’s a unique decoration itself.


Chiming Mechanism. In addition, a curio grandfather clock will bring charm to the place through its chimes. The chimes can be configured to play various melodies. The most common chimes are Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michael.

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Additional Features. A curio clock can include an interior light to highlight the pieces inside, adjustable leveleres to place it anywhere in your home, and a heirloom nameplate with your name and date. The dial of a clock can feature a blue moon phase, special cast dial, and a center disk with a special design.


Curio Grandfather Clocks offered by Premier Clocks


Here are the Curio Grandfather Clocks offered by Premier Clocks.

• Inspired by priceless royal heirlooms Howard Miller Majestic II Curio Grandfather Clock 610939

• Designed and assembled in the USA Howard Miller Marcella Curio Floor Clock 611296

• Traditional-meets-contemporary design Howard Miller Le Rose Curio Floor Clock 611148


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