Learn about the Howard Miller Hourglass Floor Clock Collection

Learn about Howard Miller Hourglass Floor Clock Collection - Premier Clocks

Blend a floor clock with an hourglass for a distinctive and visually captivating fusion. This unique timepiece merges classic clock design with the timeless elegance of an hourglass, creating a striking and functional addition to any space.

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What Is the History of the Hourglass?

The hourglass, a timekeeping device consisting of two glass bulbs connected by a narrow neck through which sand flows, has a rich history. Its origins can be traced back to the early medieval Mediterranean, with the earliest known reference in a Venetian document from 1338. Initially used by mariners, hourglasses became popular in various industries, measuring fixed intervals.

What Does a Hourglass Symbolize?

The symbolism of the hourglass is versatile and can vary based on cultural, historical, and individual interpretations. It continues to be a powerful and enduring metaphor in literature, art, and philosophy.

• Time and Transience: The hourglass is a visual representation of the passage of time. It symbolizes the transience of life, the inevitability of change, and the finite nature of existence.

• Mortality: In many cultures, the hourglass is associated with mortality and the fleeting nature of human life. It serves as a reminder of the impermanence of all things.

• Balance and Equality: The hourglass, with its symmetrical design, is often seen as a symbol of balance and equality. The sand flows uniformly from one bulb to another, emphasizing the equilibrium in the cycle of life.

• Urgency and Immediacy: The dwindling sand in an hourglass can convey a sense of urgency and the need to make the most of the time available. It encourages a focus on the present and prompt action.

• Patience and Waiting: On the flip side, when an hourglass is turned and the sand begins to fall, it can symbolize patience and the idea of waiting for the right moment.

• Alchemy and Symbolism in Art: In alchemy, the hourglass was sometimes used as a symbol for chemical processes and transformation. In art, it has been depicted to represent the inevitable passage of time and the cyclical nature of life.

• Justice: The hourglass is often associated with depictions of justice, where it represents the impartial flow of time in legal matters. This is commonly seen in the iconic image of Lady Justice holding scales and an hourglass.


Is a Howard Miller World's Leading Clock Company?

Yes, Howard Miller is a world's leading clock company well-regarded for producing high-quality clocks since 1926. Known for craftsmanship, diverse designs, and innovation, their clocks feature quality materials and reliable movements. Positive customer reviews affirm their reputation for durability and accuracy, making Howard Miller a trusted name in the clock industry.


Hourglass Floor Clocks by Howard Miller

Embrace the perfect union of aesthetic allure and functional sophistication with Howard Miller's Hourglass Floor Clock Collection. Each clock in this collection is a testament to craftsmanship, precision, and an artful blend of classic and contemporary design elements.


Howard Miller Hourglass Floor Clock

Discover the perfect blend of versatility and fashion-forward design with the Howard Miller 615074 Hourglass Floor Clock. This hourglass metal grandfather clock is perfect to complement steampunk decor.

Steampunk Inspiration and Adjustable Hourglass

Immerse yourself in the steampunk allure of this clock, featuring a sand-filled hourglass in the middle of the case that's not just decorative but functional. Easily adjustable by hand, the hourglass allows you to time approximately one hour effortlessly, adding a touch of interactive charm to your timekeeping ritual.

Premium Materials and Convex Glass Crystal

Crafted with premium materials, the metal frame exudes elegance with its Aged Iron finish. The wooden base, weathered and distressed for an aged look, adds character to this exceptional timepiece. The large dial features embossed gears finished in an aged sandstone, and aged iron hands, and is covered by a convex glass crystal.

Quartz Movement for Effortless Operation

Say goodbye to winding rituals. This metal grandfather clock operates on batteries with a reliable quartz movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping without the fuss.

Triple Chime Melodies

Indulge your auditory senses with the enchanting melodies of the triple chime movement. Chime harmonic movement plays the classic Westminster chime, Ave Maria chime, and Bim Bam chime, each striking on the hour and quarter, half, and three-quarter intervals. Listen here to experience the melodic charm.

Convenient Features for Enhanced Functionality

Adjustable floor levelers ensure stability on uneven and carpeted surfaces, while a volume control lets you customize the chime's intensity. The automatic nighttime chime shut-off option adds a thoughtful touch, silencing the melodies between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.


Howard Miller Hourglass II Floor Clock

Step into the realm of modern sophistication with the Howard Miller 615100 Hourglass II Floor Clock. This silver timepiece is not just a clock; it's a contemporary masterpiece that effortlessly marries style with functionality, commanding attention with its polished chrome finish.

Contemporary Elegance and Display Shelf Convenience

Immerse yourself in the allure of polished chrome. This floor clock doesn't just tell time; it makes a statement with its sleek and contemporary design. The tempered glass display shelf at the base adds a touch of convenience, providing a stylish spot for your favorite decor pieces.

Adjustable Hourglass and Premium Craftsmanship

Experience the interactive charm of the adjustable hourglass nestled within the case. Perfect for timing activities or simply admiring its visual appeal, this feature adds a unique dimension to your timekeeping ritual. Crafted with precision, the clock boasts a Polished Chrome finish and a tempered glass display shelf, showcasing the commitment to premium materials and meticulous design.

Modern Design Elements for Easy Readability

The 28" hourglass takes center stage, allowing you to rotate and position it by hand. The large white dial features bold black Roman numerals for easy readability. A minute track, black hands, and a separate sweep seconds track with Arabic numerals are all protected behind a convex glass crystal. Embrace the natural blemishes that come with highly polished and reflective metal finishes, adding character to this modern timepiece.

Quartz Movement for Effortless Precision

Bid farewell to winding routines. The clock operates on battery-powered quartz movement, with a separate mechanism for the sweep seconds track. Just two AA-sized batteries keep this metal grandfather clock ticking with precision.

Extra Features for Enhanced Stability

Four adjustable floor levelers ensure stability, accommodating uneven or carpeted surfaces with ease. It's the thoughtful touches like these that make the Howard Miller 615100 Hourglass II Floor Clock not just a timekeeper but a versatile and reliable addition to your contemporary living space.


Howard Miller Hourglass III Floor Clock

The Howard Miller 615116 Hourglass III Floor Clock is a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary sophistication that promises to elevate the style quotient of any room. This unique timepiece doesn't just mark time; it makes a statement with its ancient hourglass design reimagined for the modern era.

Premium Craftsmanship and Display Shelf

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this floor clock boasts a Black Iron finished metal frame, exuding durability and timeless elegance. The wood shelf in the base, finished in a smoke grey, offers a stylish platform for showcasing your cherished items.

Adjustable Hourglass for Interactive Charm

The 28" hourglass takes center stage, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rhythmic flow of time. Rotate and position it by hand, adding an interactive and personalized dimension to your timekeeping experience.

Backlit Dial with Touch Dimmer

The pierced metal dial features Arabic numerals and faux gears finished in aged pewter, protected by a convex glass crystal. The hour and minute hands, finished in aged silver, dance gracefully across the dial. Experience the enchantment of a backlit dial, illuminated by a small incandescent light bulb diffused with a translucent lens. Adjust the ambiance with the touch dimmer pad, offering four levels of adjustment: low, medium, high, and off.

Quartz Movement for Effortless Precision

Embrace modern convenience with the time-only quartz, battery-operated movement. A single AA-sized battery keeps this Howard Miller hourglass floor clock ticking with reliable precision.

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