Why to Choose a Large Grandfather Clock

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Let's explore the simple yet compelling reasons why choosing a large grandfather clock might be the ideal choice for your home. From its classic appeal to its practical benefits, we'll uncover why these iconic timepieces remain a beloved feature in households worldwide. Join us as we discover the charm and functionality of the large grandfather clock.

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What Is a Large Grandfather Clock?

A large grandfather clock is a tall, freestanding pendulum clock housed in a typically wooden case. The term "large" is used to distinguish these clocks from smaller versions or other types of pendulum clocks. Large grandfather clocks stand out with their impressive size.


How Tall Are Large Grandfather Clocks?

Larger grandfather clocks are typically 7 feet (2 m) and taller. Some grandfather clocks even can reach up to 9 feet (2.7 m). In comparison, the hight of a standard grandfather clock varies from 5.9 to 7 feet (1.8 to 2 m).


Why Grandfather Clocks Are Large?

The size of large grandfather clocks serves a practical purpose related to their internal mechanisms. The pendulum, which regulates the clock's timekeeping, requires a certain length to maintain accuracy. In larger grandfather clocks, the pendulum can be longer, which allows for a slower swing and greater precision in timekeeping.

The internal space of a large case provides room for larger gears, weights, and other components. All these features make a large grandfather clock more reliable and accurate.

In addition, a large case allows to add more decorative details. It means that a design of a large grandfather clock is more elaborated - from a swan neck pediment bearing a turned urn finial and a decorative shell overlay through elegant columns to stepped base.


Where Is the Best Place to Put a Large Grandfather Clock?

As we mentioned before, some large grandfather clocks can reach up to 9 feet in height, so it's essential to ensure that the doorways and ceilings of the intended space can accommodate such dimensions before placing the clock. Here are a few considerations for choosing the ideal placement:

1. Stability: Ensure that the floor where you want to place the clock is stable and level. Grandfather clocks are tall and heavy, so they require a solid foundation to prevent tipping or leaning.

2. Visibility: Choose a location where the clock can be easily seen and appreciated. Place it in a central area such as a living room, foyer, or hallway.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause fading and damage to the clock's finish and dial. Choose a location away from windows or use window coverings to protect the clock from excessive sunlight exposure.

4. Accessibility: Make sure the clock is easily accessible for winding, adjusting, and maintenance. Avoid placing it in areas where it may be obstructed by furniture or other objects.


    Large Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller

    Howard Miller is well-known manufacturer of the traditional grandfather clocks. Some large grandfather clocks are especially noticeable.


    The Largest Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

    The Howard Miller J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 and Howard Miller J.H. Miller Grandfather Clock 611030 are the largest grandfather clocks in Howard Miller collection. Both clocks are 7.8 feet tall (2.4 m). They have the same case which was designed by Chris Bergelin nd features sixteen different speciesof hardwoods and veneers.

    The design of the case deserves a special attention. The stunning swan neck pediment is adorned with three exquisitely carved finials, two delicate rosettes, and a central finial shell. Below, the grand bombe style baseboasts intricate carved moldings, framing a decorative cut-out adorned with carved floral motifs.

    The face of these grandfather clocks is unique. A polished brass finished dial is adorned with Roman numerals, and distinguished by custom cast corners, center, and moon arch ornaments. The center disk bears removable engraving plate for personal inscriptions. The "Limited Edition" is proudly inscribed across the hemispheres. Additionally, the dial showcases a special brass-finished moon phase indicator.

    The difference between these two clocks is the chimes. The Howard Miller J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock 611031 has a special nine-tubular chime movementwhile the Howard Miller J.H. Miller Grandfather Clock 611030 has a classic melodic triple-chime.


    The Presidential Collection Grandfather Clock

    The Howard Miller Reagan Grandfather Clock 610999 is the second largest clock in Howard Miller collection. Its height is 7.8 feet (2.36 m). This cherry grandfather clock features Hampton Cherry finish that's been carefully aged with light and deep dents.

    The split pediment is elegantly detailed, featuring book-matched olive ash burl on the front and sides. A carved urn finial and finial support add a nice finishing touch.

    The dial, part of the Presidential Collection, is adorned with raised brass Arabic numerals and corner ornaments. The moon phase dial also features the Presidential Collection emblem.

    The pendulum and weights are visible through glass door. The pendulum has a polished brass center disk matching the dial, and the weight shells are polished brass with decorative bands.

    he clock's design includes canted columns with large reeds and caps framing the glass doors. There's also a carved molding below the dial and floral overlays around the lower door. The base features canted corners, olive ash burl, carved moldings, and elegant feet.

    The accuracy of this large grandfather clock is ensured by German-made movement with triple-chimes that play Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington.


    A True Howard Miller Classic

    The Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock 611066 is another Howard Miller large grandfather clock with the hight of 7.7 feet tall (2.34 m). This grandfather clock is finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers.

    The split pediment is adorned with beautifully matched veneers and features three urn finials, carved rosettes, and an inlaid keystone with the "Prince of Wales" motif.

    The dial showcases raised brass Arabic numerals and decorative ornaments, along with a moon phase display.

    The polished brass-finished pendulum and weight shells add to the clock's elegance, while four elegant columns frame the door and connect the pediment to the base.

    The clock's movement, made in Germany, requires weekly winding, and it plays a choice of three melodic chimes: Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington.

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