Mechanical or Battery Operated Grandfather Clock?

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If you are looking for a grandfather clock and can't decide between mechanical or battery-operated movement, then you've arrived to the right place. Choosing between a mechanical or battery-operated grandfather clock involves considering a few factors. Let's talk about personal preference, maintenance requirements, and desired features.

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Mechanical Clock Movement

You can find a mechanical movement mostly on traditional grandfather clocks. Mechanical clocks create energy stored in weights that is used to run the clock.

Pros of the Mechanical Movement

• They're traditional and authentic, especially with their moving parts like weights and pendulums.

• They don't need batteries to work, so they keep ticking even if the power goes out.

• Some people will find chimes on a mechanical grandfather clock more pleasing.

    Cons of the Mechanical Movement

    • But grandfather clocks with mechanical movement do need regular maintenance, like winding them up, which takes time and skill.

    • Also, they're sensitive to changes in the environment, so you might have to adjust them for temperature and humidity.

    • Mechanical grandfather clocks tend to be more expensive initially compared to their battery-operated counterparts.


      Mechanical grandfather clocks can be chain-driven or cable driven. If you can to understand the difference between these two types of clock movement, you should read our blog post dedicated to the Grandfather Clock Movement.


      Battery-Operated Clock Movement

      On the other hand, battery-operated grandfather clocks are simple and convenient. Battery-operated movement uses quartz crystals to create an electronic oscillator that powers the clock.

      Pros of the Battery-Operated Movement

      • They need less maintenance than mechanical ones because they don't require winding and aren't as affected by the environment. With a fresh battery, the clock can run for over a year.

      • A battery-operated clock is easy to set up or move.

      • The prices of a clock with quartz movement are usually cheaper at first.

        Cons of the Battery-Operated Movement

        • However, the chimes might not have the same traditional charm as mechanical clocks, which some people really like.

        • Plus, they need batteries to run, so if you don't replace them regularly, they'll stop working.

        • Also, they might not offer as many features as mechanical clocks do.


          Compare the Chime Sound

          Chimes are one of the most important parts of a grandfather clock and can set a different ambience in your home. Here, we have a video where you can compare the sound of a Westminster chime of the mechanical and battery operated clock.


          So, Which Movement to Choose?  

          Ultimately, the decision hinges on personal preferences, budget constraints, and lifestyle considerations. If one values tradition and authenticity and is willing to invest time and effort into maintenance, a mechanical clock may be preferable. Conversely, those prioritizing convenience, low maintenance, and affordability may opt for a battery-operated clock.


          Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Best Sellers

          We understand how overwhelming it can be to choose a grandfather clock, and that's why we would like to present to you our best sellers.


          Howard Miller Grandfather Clock with the Mechanical Movement

          The Howard Miller Stewart Grandfather Clock 610948 is a premium-quality timepiece designed for Howard Miller's 75th Anniversary. It boasts extra features including melodic chimes and customization options such as a brass Heirloom nameplate with an engraved name and special date.

          The retail price $5449. Premier Clocks offers additional discount, free in home delivery and manufacturer's warranty. If you have any additional questions, our customer support team will be happy to provide any assistance you need.


          Howard Miller Grandfather Clock with the Battery-Operated Movement

          The Howard Miller Princeton Grandfather Clock 611138 has a classic charm that looks like a genuine antique. Its Hampton Cherry finish gives it an old-fashioned look, with details like a swan neck pediment and a decorative shell overlay, it will be a great addition to your home.

          The retail price is $1839. Before you add to the cart, send an email through contact us page for additional discount. At Premier Clocks, you also get free shipping, clock setup, and manufacturer's warranty.

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