The Story of Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks

Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks

Once upon a time, in the small town of Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut, there lived Seth Thomas – a young but very ambitious man who made his dreams come true. He was the man who changed the entire clock production industry. How, might you ask? Well, dear reader, we'll give you the answer right away.

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The Seth Thomas History

In his early twenties, Seth Thomas started working as an apprentice for clockmaker Eli Terry in 1807. After only three years, he, along with his friend Silas Hoadley, bought out Terry's factory. Then, in 1813, Seth Thomas established his own clockmaking company, The Seth Thomas Clock Company, by himself.

The company grew rapidly and was in demand among customers.It stood out as one of the most enduring and prolific clock manufacturers. Throughout its history, the company consistently maintained a standard of quality that exceeded the average. Initially, the company focused on producing wooden clock movements, but it expanded its product line over time to include a wide range of clocks, such as mantel clocks, wall clocks, and the iconic grandfather clocks for which Seth Thomas became renowned.


What Is a Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock?

So, what is it, a famous Seth Grandfather clock? What exactly does make it so famous and popular among the connoisseurs of clockmaking art? 

Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks are tall, freestanding pendulum clocks that are housed in a wooden case. All the clocks have their own distinguished features from intricately detailing carved woodwork, ornate embellishments adorning the cases to complex watch mechanisms. Many of them are equipped with Westminster chimes or other melodious tunes that fill the house with warmth and memories of grandparents’ stories. 

These elegant and at the same time so cozy creatures crafted from fine woods such as cherry, oak, or mahogany immediately become devoted family members that surprise everybody with precise timekeeping.


Does Seth Thomas Still Make Clocks?

Unfortunately, there is information on the news that Seth Thomas company halted operations on January 16, 2009. However, while manufacturing has ceased, an extensive range of Seth Thomas Clocks is now offered, crafted by another esteemed clock builder for CST Enterprises in Cranston, Rhode Island, who have held ownership since May 4, 2009, under the Seth Thomas brand.


What Is the Approximate Value of a Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks?

However, people from all over the world tend to love everything that has history, which is why the original beauty of this 19th-century work of art will always be a valuable item for buying and selling.

The value of a Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock depends on many factors, including its age, model, condition, materials, original components, and any unique features, details, or historical significance it may possess. In general, the older and more intact the clock, the higher its value

Additionally, market demand and trends can influence the price of Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks.

As a rough estimate, Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks can range in value from a few hundred dollars for more common or modern models to several thousand dollars or more for antique or rare examples in exceptional condition. 

For a more precise valuation, we advise consulting with an experienced antique clock appraiser or researching recent sales and reviews of comparable Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks in similar conditions.


How to Tell the Age of a Seth Thomas Clock?

Of course, you might be wondering how you can determine the age of the clock. Well, we have the right answer for you.

By Markings

First, you can easily identify the Seth Thomas Clocks by finding specific markings on them. Look for a maker's mark, label, or signature on the clock's dial, movement, or case. And then compare these markings with historical records or online resources to estimate the age of the clock.

By Design Trends

Second, keep in mind that different periods in Seth Thomas's history were characterized by distinct design trends. Examining the style and design of the clock, including its case material, shape, and decorative elements will help you to identify when approximately was this clock made.

By Movement

Third, movement features or technological advancements can provide clues to its age. The fame of the company began in the Antique days. Skilled craftsmen were making their own movements and clock cases. For example, if the movement is wood, the production date of the clock is somewhere between 1817 and 1830.

By Serial Number

Additionally, you can search for a serial number. Sometimes Seth Thomas Company stamped serial numbers on their clocks, which can be cross-referenced with production records or databases to determine the manufacturing date. It might be located on the clock's movement or case. 

As you can see, dating antique clocks can sometimes be challenging. However, you can always consult experts such as experienced clock collectors, appraisers and horological experts who specialize in Seth Thomas clocks. 


Anyway, this challenge has never deterred a single person from buying Seth Thomas Clocks. On the contrary, it even attracts people to acquire them, to keep history inside their houses, and to turn a house into a home.

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