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In the world of horology, where artistry and precision intertwine, the name Howard Miller stands as a beacon of craftsmanship and tradition. For nearly a century, the Howard Miller Clock Company has woven the fabric of time, creating exquisite timepieces that have become cherished fixtures in homes across the globe. Among their most iconic creations are the grandfather clocks, also known as longcase or floor clocks, which have earned a place of honor in both history and the hearts of clock enthusiasts.

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Are Old Grandfather Clocks Worth Anything?

Old grandfather clocks can indeed be worth a significant amount, but their value can vary widely based on several factors. Check out some key considerations that determine the worth of an old grandfather clock.

Are Old Grandfather Clocks Worth Anything? - Premier Clocks

• Age: Generally, the older the grandfather clock, the more likely it is to have value, especially if it is considered an antique. Clocks from the 18th and early 19th centuries are often highly sought after by collectors.

• Maker: The brand or manufacturer of the clock can greatly influence its value. Well-known clockmakers, such as Howard Miller, Herschede, or Thomas Tompion, often command higher prices in the market.

• Style and Design: The style and design of the clock can also impact its value. Elaborate and finely crafted clocks with intricate details, such as Chippendale, Queen Anne, or Georgian styles, are often more valuable than simpler designs.

• Materials: The type of wood used for the clock's case and the quality of materials used in its construction can affect its value. Clocks made from high-quality hardwoods like oak, mahogany, or walnut are typically more valuable than for example cherry bordeaux.

• Condition: The condition of the clock is crucial. Well-preserved and fully functional clocks are generally worth more than those in poor condition. Original parts, including the clock's movement and dial, are particularly important.

• Provenance: A clock with a known history or a connection to a famous owner or historical event may have added value due to its provenance.

• Rarity: Rare or unique grandfather clocks can command higher prices, especially if they have distinctive features or uncommon designs.

• Completeness: The presence of all original components, including the pendulum, weights, and key, can add to a clock's value. Missing or replaced parts may reduce its worth.

• Market Demand: Market trends and collector interest can influence the value of grandfather clocks. Certain periods or styles may be in higher demand at a given time.

• Restoration and Maintenance: Clocks that have been expertly restored and maintained may have higher value than those in need of repair.

    It's important to note that while some old grandfather clocks can be quite valuable, others may have more sentimental than monetary worth. If you have an old grandfather clock or are considering purchasing one, it's advisable to consult with a clock appraiser or expert who can assess its value based on these factors and the current market conditions. Additionally, online auction platforms, antique dealers, and clock collector forums can provide insights into the value of specific clock models.


    How Can You Tell How Old a Howard Miller Clock Is?

    Determining the age of a Howard Miller clock can be done through a variety of methods, including examining the clock's serial number, identifying specific features or design elements, and consulting Howard Miller's own records. Here are steps you can take to estimate the age of a Howard Miller clock.

    How Can You Tell How Old a Howard Miller Clock Is? - Premier Clocks


    Check the Serial Number. Howard Miller typically places a serial number on the clock's back or inside the clock case. This serial number can provide valuable information about the clock's production date. The format of the serial number may vary depending on the era, but it often includes a two-letter prefix followed by a series of numbers. You can contact Howard Miller's customer service or visit their official website to inquire about the age of your clock based on the serial number.


    Look for Date Codes. Some Howard Miller clocks may have date codes stamped or written on internal components, such as the clock movement or dial. These codes can be deciphered to determine the manufacturing date. Examine these components carefully for any markings or labels.


    Identify Design Features. The design and styling of a Howard Miller clock can provide clues about its age. Styles and features change over time, so comparing your clock's design to historical catalogs or reference materials can help estimate its production period.


    Consult Reference Books. There are books and publications available that provide information about Howard Miller clocks, including their history and the evolution of their designs. These resources often include images and descriptions of clocks from different eras, allowing you to match your clock to a specific period.


    Ask an Expert. If you're having difficulty determining the age of your Howard Miller clock, consider consulting a clock expert or appraiser. They may have specialized knowledge about Howard Miller clocks and can help you pinpoint the manufacturing date.


    Contact Howard Miller. Howard Miller Clock Company has a long history and maintains records of many of their clocks. You can contact their customer service department with information about your clock, including its serial number and any distinctive features. They may be able to provide you with information about its age and history.

    Remember that Howard Miller has produced a wide range of clock models over the years, so the specific information you need to determine the age may vary depending on the clock's design and features. Additionally, it's important to note that some older Howard Miller clocks may not have easily accessible records, so dating them may require some detective work based on design and historical context.


    How to Determine Value of a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock?

    Determining the value of a Howard Miller grandfather clock involves considering various factors, including its age, condition, style, materials, and market demand. Take these steps to assess the value of your Howard Miller grandfather clock.

    How to Determine Value of a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock? - Premier Clocks


    Identify the Model and Serial Number: Begin by identifying the specific model and locating the clock's serial number. The model name or number is often found on a label inside the clock case or in the instruction manual. The serial number can help in estimating the age of the clock. Howard Miller may also provide information about your clock based on the serial number.


    Evaluate the Clock's Age: Determine the approximate age of the clock. Older Howard Miller grandfather clocks, especially those from the mid-20th century or earlier, can be more valuable, particularly if they are well-preserved.


    Assess the Condition: Carefully examine the clock's overall condition. Factors to consider include the state of the case, the condition of the dial and hands, the functionality of the movement, and the presence of any original components (pendulum, weights, etc.). Clocks in excellent condition will generally have higher value.


    Style and Design: Howard Miller has produced grandfather clocks in various styles, from traditional to contemporary. Identify the clock's style and design elements. Some styles may be more desirable or valuable than others, depending on current market trends.


    Materials and Craftsmanship: Consider the materials used in the clock's construction. Solid hardwood cases and high-quality finishes tend to command higher prices. Evaluate the craftsmanship, including any intricate detailing or carvings.


    Chime Mechanism: If your Howard Miller clock features chime or musical mechanisms, ensure they are in working order. These features can add to the clock's value, especially if they play melodic tunes.


    Provenance: Determine if your clock has any historical or provenance significance. Clocks with documented histories or connections to famous owners may have added value to collectors.


    Market Trends: Research the current market for Howard Miller grandfather clocks. Market demand can fluctuate over time, influencing prices. Online auction platforms, antique dealers, and clock collector forums can provide insights into current market values.


    Consult Experts: For a more accurate assessment of your clock's value, consider consulting with a clock appraiser or expert. They have the expertise and experience to provide a professional evaluation.


    Comparative Research: Look for similar Howard Miller grandfather clocks that have recently sold at auctions or through private sales. This can help you gauge the current market value for clocks with similar features and conditions.

    Remember that the value of Howard Miller grandfather clocks can vary widely, and sentimental value can also play a significant role in their worth. If you're planning to sell your clock, consider getting multiple appraisals to get a better sense of its market value. Additionally, keep in mind that the condition and provenance of the clock are often key factors in determining its worth to collectors and buyers.


    Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks in Traditional Style

    Traditional style grandfather clocks often feature classic and ornate details that harken back to the golden age of clockmaking.

    Howard Miller J.H. Miller Grandfather Clock

    The Howard Miller 611030 J.H. Miller Grandfather Clock is a traditional and elegant piece from Limited Edition that is crafted on gorgeous sixteen species of hardwoods and veneers. This wooden clock has detailed designs, extra features and chiming rods that are only available on Limited Edition models. When ordering from Premier Clocks, you get the lowest retail price, free in home delivery and free in home setup.

    Howard Miller Chateau Grandfather Clock

    The Howard Miller 610520 Chateau Grandfather Clock imparts traditional elegance to any room. This cherry grandfather clock is made in the USA from premium hardwoods to ensure lasting quality. It has a gently-distressed Windsor Cherry finish for the look of an antique family heirloom. A high-precision, German-made,chain-driven, Westminster chime movement plays 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 chimes accordingly with full chime and strikes on the hour. 

    Howard Miller Schultz Grandfather Clock

    The Howard Miller 611044 Schultz Grandfather Clock is a memorable wooden grandfather clock with beautiful materials and custom design that will bring light accent to any room. This traditional clock is crafted with detailed design and includes extra features. It boasts a rich Golden Oak finish, a beautifully carved bonnet top, and a melodic triple chime that will add a touch of old-world charm to any room.

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