The Legacy of a Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

The Legacy of Ridgeway Grandfather Clock - Premier Clocks

In a world that moves at an ever-increasing pace, there exists a timeless elegance that stands as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era—the grandfather clock. Among the esteemed manufacturers of grandfather clocks, the Ridgeway Clock Company has carved its niche with an illustrious history spanning nearly a century. Renowned for its dedication to quality and unwavering pursuit of perfection, Ridgeway has become synonymous with timeless and graceful timekeeping.

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What Is the History of Ridgeway Clocks?

The Ridgeway history had a humble beginning. In the early 20th century, the renowned clockmaker Gravely Furniture Company founded Ridgeway Clock Company in Ridgeway, Virginia, USA. From the very outset, the company's mission was to create heirloom-quality clocks that would stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and elegance.

Ridgeway's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation soon garnered recognition within the industry. In the early years, the company's focus was on producing high-quality longcase clocks, known as grandfather clocks, which stood tall and majestic in homes and public spaces.

Like any enduring legacy, Ridgeway Clock Company faced its share of challenges. The Gravely Furniture Company was sold to Pulaski Furniture Corporation in 1985.Despite economic downturns and shifting consumer preferences, the company's commitment to quality and tradition allowed it to weather these storms, emerging stronger than ever.

Over the decades, Ridgeway achieved several significant milestones that solidified its position as a premier clockmaker. Its dedication to innovation resulted in the introduction of new designs, intricate chimes, and precision mechanisms, elevating the standards of grandfather clocks worldwide.

As Ridgeway Clock Company celebrates nearly a century of existence, its legacy endures through the hands of clock enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Owning a Ridgeway grandfather clock has become a symbol of refinement and appreciation for the fine art of horology.

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Is Ridgeway Clock Still in Business?

In 2004, Ridgeway Clocks underwent a significant transition as it was acquired by Howard Miller Company, headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan. This acquisition marked a new chapter in Ridgeway's history, bringing together two esteemed names in the clockmaking industry.

With the change in ownership came a strategic decision to relocate the clock-making operations to Zeeland in 2005. This move allowed Ridgeway to benefit from the expertise and resources of the Howard Miller Company. Through this transition, Ridgeway Clocks not only preserved its legacy but also set the stage for a future marked by continued innovation and timeless elegance.


The Craftsmanship Behind Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

Let's look closer how heirloom-quality pieces are created and what is behind the exteriors of Ridgeway grandfather clocks.


The Artistry of Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

The Artistry of Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks - Premier Clocks

Each Ridgeway clock is constructed from high-quality woods. Oak, mahogany, walnut and cherry hardwoods are common materials for grandfather clocks. The premium materials ensure not only durability but also an impeccable finish that enhances the overall allure. For example, treasure oak finish, glen arbor cherry finish or bellair cherry finish are highly valued among collectors and clock enthusiasts.

Ridgeway offers an array of grandfather clock designs that cater to diverse tastes and interior aesthetics. The traditional case of a Ridgeway grandfather clocks often features detailed design with decorative carved accents and reeded columns, while modern cases have sleek lines without special details. Important feature that Ridgeway added just a few decades ago is an interior light.

The front crown can be completed with elegant swan's neck pediment with carved rosettes or arched bonnet pediment, turned urn finial, or olive ash burl. The faceof Ridgeway grandfather clocks are often complete with a decorative embossed center disk, a silver chapter ring, applied brass Arabic numerals or Roman numerals, a functioning pierced moon dial, and an astrological blue moon phase. A great addition is an illuminated dial that helps to see the time during the dark period of a day.

The excellent artistry of Ridgeway grandfather clocks continues when you open a front door to see a pendulum and weight shells. An antique brass and polished brass finished pendulum are the most common for Ridgeway. At the same time, the manufacturer tends to complement the lyre pendulum bob with matching banded weight shells. All this is protected with a front locking door that is decorated with beveled glass.


The Mechanics Behind Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

The Mechanics Behind Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks - Premier Clocks

Pendulum and Weight-Driven Mechanism. At the heart of every Ridgeway grandfather clock is a classic pendulum and weight-driven mechanism. This traditional method of timekeeping ensures a smooth and constant oscillation, resulting in accurate timekeeping that harks back to a bygone era.

Regulating Gears. Ridgeway's skilled craftsmen use a meticulously designed set of gears to regulate the movement of the clock. These gears work in harmony, precisely measuring the passing hours, minutes, and seconds, and ultimately delivering consistent and reliable timekeeping.

Modern Innovations. While rooted in tradition, Ridgeway also embraces modern technology to enhance the performance of their clocks. By integrating new advancements, such as improved materials and refined engineering, Ridgeway continues to set the standard for excellence in timekeeping.


The Chimes of Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

One of the most captivating aspects of Ridgeway grandfather clocks is the enchanting chime melodies that resonate through space.

For many people chimes have a symbolic significance. Chimes in grandfather clocks connect individuals to cherished memories and traditions. Ridgeway understands the emotional value of these chimes and meticulously designs them to evoke an emotional response in all who hear them.

Ridgeway offers a selection of chime options, allowing clock owners to personalize their timepieces with a melody that suits their preferences and complements the ambiance of their home. There a few options when chimes sound - only on the hour or every quarter hour with a full chime on the hour. At the same time, most of Ridgeway grandfather clocks have a chime silence option and an automatic nighttime shutoff feature to keep the chimes from sounding at night.

Are Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks of Good Quality?

Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks were generally regarded as being of good quality. Ridgeway Clock Company has built a reputation for crafting high-quality, cherished heirlooms that combine artistry with precision engineering.

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Where Were Ridgeway Clocks Made?

Ridgeway Clocks were primarily made in the United States. Ridgeway Clock Company was founded in Ridgeway, Virginia, USA, in 1926. For many years, the company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities were located in Ridgeway. However, in 2005, after the acquisition by Howard Miller Company, Ridgeway Clocks' manufacturing operations were moved to Zeeland, Michigan, where the headquarters of Howard Miller Company is located.

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Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collections

As you can imagine, since the production of Ridgeway grandfather clocks, there were changes to the collections and clock models they offer.


The Classic Collection

Ridgeway's Classic Collection features the traditional grandfather clocks. Inspired by the rich heritage of horology, these clocks feature intricate carvings, gracefully arched hoods, and finely detailed dial faces. Each piece in this collection encapsulates the essence of timeless elegance, making it a captivating centerpiece in any living space.

The Ridgeway Nori Grandfather Clock 2588 has one of the most elaborated details. The Bellaire Cherry finish on select hardwoods and veneers makes this clock both elegant and durable. The design of this clock feature swan neck pediment with an olive ash burl, a turned finial, a decorative shell overlay, and a carved shell overlay.

Ridgeway Nori Grandfather Clock 2588 - Premier Clocks

The polished brass-finished dial offers detailed corner spandrels and center disc, a circular brushed silver chapter ring with applied brass Arabic numerals. Above the dial, there is a functioning moon dial with an astrological blue moon phase is complete with a pierced stars. The case has a mirroredback panel.

To document the clock's history for future generations, this Ridgeway grandfather clock comes with a heirloom record certificate with brass-finished capsule . It comes inside a brass finished keepsake tube.


The Contemporary Lineup

Blending the art of clockmaking with contemporary design, Ridgeway's Contemporary Lineup showcases the brand's ability to harmonize old-world charm with modern sensibilities. With sleek lines, minimalist accents, and innovative use of materials, these clocks make a bold statement, complementing modern interiors.

The Ridgeway 2552 Harper Grandfather Clock represents a smart combination of value, features, and beauty. With a simple design and a dark Bellaire Cherry finish, this grandfather clock features a glass front door and a quartz movement that will last for many generations. 

Ridgeway Harper Grandfather Clock 2552 - Premier Clocks

A mirrored back panel enhance the look of the polished brass finished faux weights, and a large 6 1/2" (165 mm) lyre pendulum bob. The clock features the melodic Westminster chime. It offers a separate strike to count the hours. This grandfather clock has a night silence feature and adjustable volume control lever on the dial.


Special and Limited Edition Clocks

For the discerning collector or enthusiast seeking something extraordinary, Ridgeway offers a collection of Special and Limited Edition grandfather clocks. Each timepiece in this exclusive range is meticulously crafted with exquisite details and rare materials, making it a rare and treasured find.

The Ridgeway Irmengard Grandfather Clock 2575 comes with an engraved nameplate, heirloom certificate, and nickel-finish capsule to ensure authenticity. What is special about this grandfather clock is its smooth white finish. The brass clock face and pendulum shine against the pure white background.

Ridgeway Irmengard Grandfather Clock 2575 - Premier Clocks Blog

Ridgeway offers detailed design with a polished brass-finished dial featuring elaborate corner spandrels, a center disk, and a silver chapter ring with applied brass Arabic numerals. The glass mirrored back highlights the polished brass-finished pendulum and weight shells behind a locking front door. This antique-style grandfather clock features a high precision, cable-driven movement that should be wound up only once a week.


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In each Ridgeway grandfather clock, there lies a story—of heritage, artistry, and the relentless pursuit of timekeeping excellence. The grandfather clocks from Ridgeway stand as more than just instruments to mark the hours; they are captivating pieces of history, heirlooms to be cherished for generations, and an enduring testimony to the mastery of the clockmaker's craft.

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